Losing weight for healthier joints

Losing weight for healthier joints

There are many reasons for weight loss that can drive you to the decision to stop junk food and to increase fitness workouts and healthy food consumption. It is good for your health and it is splendid for your look. Besides, who likes fat people, when, today, there are so many weight loss programs you can try to seek the best solution for your fit body? But when it comes to bones and joints, arthritis and osteoporosis, benefits of weight loss can be quite many. Today, we are going to talk about numerous reasons for weight loss, when it comes to joint health. We will also make the connection between weight loss and knee pain, but let`s draw all the details and important facts one by one. Here is what you can get as benefits of weight loss and how your joints can get improved quite fast with a good healthy nutrition regime.

Why should I lose weight

Why losing weight, when I feel fine in my plus size or my husband simply does not care of my extra kilos on my but? That`s not a question you should ask in case you have any problems with joints. When you have inflammation in joints, any extra pound you put on weight will make your condition worse. When you have overweight, your joints are in bigger danger to get wasted – including your cartilage. Even though you take some supplements for connective tissue reproduction, overweight will not prevent your body from pain and lack of mobility. Overweight, on the other side, can be even one of the main causes of osteoporosis or arthritis.

But what exactly overweight cause to joints?

If you suffer from overweight (or at least you have it, but you yet do not see the bad side effects of it), your joints get inflamed quite fast. This happens, because joints get too much pressure and weight to carry. This is how traumas and injuries become more possible, too, because joints are already weakened due to your overweight. It has been already proven that overweight raises the risk for getting osteoarthritis, which is the most general joint disorder. This happens because of the wear and tear on a joint effect. Overweight plays a role as an additional stress for the joints. And if you are in a second or third stage of arthritis, overweight increases the pain in a very sensible way. Many times, doctors prescribe harsher drug medications against pain, if the patient is at overweight.

Benefits of weight loss for your joints

Since you understand now how bad overweight is for your joints and that this might cause you arthritis or osteoporosis, weight loss should seem to you more and more attractive and necessary. Right? Knowing that losing weight, though, is not as easy as it sounds, you might, though, need some more additional motivation to accomplish it. See almost all benefits of weight loss for your joints: Minimizing the pressure on your joints – in a study from 2005 (called simply Arthritis and Rheumatism of overweight) scientists came to the conclusion that adults with knee pain and chronic stiffness of limps can reduce the discomfort with up to 75% after losing weight. It takes only 10 kilos to lose in order to feel the difference of the pressure. No more pain! Indeed, this is the best benefits of losing weight. The more you put on weight, the more you joints will hurt you. However, the opposite is also right – the more you lose weight, the less will be pain. And after all, pain is the worst and most unbearable side effect from arthritis and osteoporosis. Inflammation process can be also reduced, when cartilage will be relieved of so many kilos to support. People with traumas of joints – even if they do not have osteoarthritis, for instance – will recover later than people in perfect shape and fit. Deduction of the chance to get chronic joint problems. Sometimes, joint inflammation is not a sign of arthritis, but it is the first symptom of getting close to it. If you take preventive measures in time – like losing weight – you might not end up with chronic joint problems. Joint functions can be also improved, if you rely on a good healthy nutrition regime and you train hard in the fitness gym. This benefit includes better mobility, more flexibility and prevention of losing the capability to perform some difficult movements – characteristic to any form of arthritis. Less medication for the same comfort! No one says, if you have overweight, pain will not go away. Arthritis can be cured with numerous different medications and each of them has a pain-killing effect. But why bothering spending so much money and flooding your body with toxins, if overweight is as 100% harmless recovery of the pain! A fit body is more flexible in general, which means that even the pain is still here, you will not feel it as before, when you weighed too much. When you move easily and quickly, joints will be put on rest and this will give them the chance to recover. Plus – mobility is important not only for people with sick joints, but in general, so regardless the fact you are not diagnosed with such an illness, overweight is yet not good for your limbs!

What is the connection between weight loss and knee pain?

According to the statistics, people with overweight suffer mostly from pain in knee, if they have osteoarthritis, arthritis or any other form of joint inflammation. Elbows, neck and legs are also pressured due to the extra pounds, but knees feel most of the stress. Too much weight decreases weight-bearing function of the knee. Also, the joints in knee lose their mobility with time and eventually, a single step becomes a huge problem. Weight loss program that involves regular physical activity is also beneficial for your knees, because it can develop bigger muscle strength. Thus, your entire leg gets more flexible and you are not limited in your motions. Of course, overweight should never be drastic – like starvation or getting exhausted in the fitness every day. Too much pressure and lack of important vitamins like magnesium and calcium due to your diet can affect your joint health, too. The whole weight loss program is recommended to be conducted with your doctor, as well as with your personal fitness trainer. On mandatory, eat the most beneficial food types for arthritis and osteoporosis, so if you want to lose weight, simply minimize the quantity of these food products.

Healthy weight is a top sign of good health. If you succeed to remove the extra pounds, not only your joints will be improved, but your whole body and organism – including your immune system, which will eventually lead to a faster and more effective recovery of your disease. Besides, never underestimate the fact that overweight in most cases is due to harmful food like fast food. And this fast food is a reason number one so many people develop arthritis after being genetically predisposed to it. Find out the best and the quickest way to lose weight and start treating your body properly and curing your disease in a less harmful way! Good luck! Stay healthy, fit and flexible!

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