How to deadlift to avoid back injuries

Deadlifting is good exercise, it can improve many things. It can improve strength, muscular balance, posture and many more. It involves so many different muscles and stabilizers. When performed properly it can strengthen your glutes, back, abs, quads, and lower back. It can improve overall body strength, as well as show different muscle imbalances and […]

Hip pain from running

Of the joints in the leg that are commonly injured in runners, hip pain often poses the most difficult diagnosis. There are a couple of reasons for this: First, there are simply too many possible causes of hip pain, and a second, less obvious reason, relates to the frequency of these injuries. The bony anatomy […]

Best ankle support for running

Ankle sprains are a typical sports injury. Even though it will heal in time and many people do not consider it to be a serious injury, an ankle sprain can weaken your joints and thus increase the risk of a reoccurring injury. You need to know that malalignment in your ankle could lead to problems […]

How to run to avoid knee injuries

Running has been used for many goals, increasing endurance – for athetes that are practice sports that require prolonged activities for example tennis players. Running few miles a day is usually a great idea, and recommended by many elite athletes and trainers to increase your endurance. Furthermore, running can be used to increase your power […]

Is running bad for your back?

Back pain is a common condition among the vast majority of the population. How about back pain in runners? One question that is important for runners is: is running bad for my back? Do I have a bigger chance to experience back pain and injury if I run? In this article we will try to […]

Best running shoes for heel support

Every active runner need to have a pair of comfortable shoes that fits his or her needs, such that does not leave your foot aching after a run, with blisters everywhere. It is very important to consult a specialist for that to make sure you are buying the right pair of shoes for your foot […]

How to avoid shoulder injuries while bench pressing

Bench pressing is really important exercise for developing both strength and size of your pectorial muscles. It is often used by many athletes that aim to increase their performance and it is one of the most famous exercises, it is one of the three exercises that powerlifting athletes perform. It allows you to put a […]

Knee support for running

Running injuries are a common problem for people who jog regularly. The most typical of those are knee injuries and pain, which are experienced not only by people with a trauma, but also by healthy runners. Maintaining a healthy weight, warming up before training, avoiding running on concrete and buying a comfortable and quality pair […]

How to squat to avoid knee and back injuries

If you are actively exercising and you are trying to increase your strength and gain muscle mass you have probably heard or you are already doing the squatting with barbell exercise. Squatting is really important and it’s one of the main activities that we need in our everyday life. However there is a lot of […]

Weight lifting and joints health

Preserving joints health is a top task any human being should be concerned about from early age, if he does not want to face some serious medical problems like arthritis or osteoporosis after passing his or her 50s. But the way we live these days seems to be a little bit difficult to manage both […]