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Supplements for joint pain, health and support

It is still a theory that food supplements are not as efficient as vitamins and minerals we supply our body with via the food products we daily consume. There are yet experts, who believe no one needs supplements, but the common opinion is obvious: everyone needs some supplements, whether for treatment, for support or for prophylaxis. After all, we live in the century, when people are replete with food, but yet “hungry” for vitamins and minerals. It is because today`s food products are just as not as organic and natural as they used to be before. This means that whatever vitamins or minerals our body or body parts need, we cannot provide them by ordinary nutrition. This is why supplements are extremely important. This is why even though you are not sick, it is recommended for you to consume such. Supplements for joints are such beneficial and recommended alternatives for your skeleton and muscle systems. There are many different types of joint supplements depending on the goal you want to achieve: pain relief, prophylaxis, joint health support and etc. In all cases, any additional support for your joints can play a crucial role in your treatment or in your prevention. Here are some details about the best joint supplements – for support, to protect them or to stop the pain.

Joint supplements that will relieve the pain

The first group of joint supplements we would like to offer you are specially tailored to chase away the pain. These supplements and medical products act faster than any other group of supplements, because they don`t protect, but they fight an already developed symptom – the worst symptom of arthritis, osteoporosis or any other form of joint inflammation. It is a must to remind you that pain n joints might be something really worrying and if you do not want to take toxic drugs, the best alternative for you remain the combo of supplements and exercises to relieve the pain. Moreover – besides the pain as a form of hurting, you will be also prevented to perform basic movements in case of joint pain. Here are the best supplements against this pain:

  • omega-3 fat acids – these are the top supplements for pain in joints to numerous reasons. However, mainly you can fight the pain thanks to them, because they oil the joints and movements become no longer so hard to be performed. Omega-3 fats can be also found under the name of fish oil, which is a top supplement for omega-3 enrichment of the body. You can rely on both – natural fish oil sources (fish and any other type of seafood delicacy), as well as food supplement from the drug store. The best part about omega-3 fat acids is that they support the muscles, too, which makes joint flexibility improved.
  • Calcium is typical common food supplement that helps many body parts and diseases, but we do know since we were kids – calcium is the main food ingredient we need to develop a healthy and strong skeleton system. So calcium deficiency will be immediately felt on your joints as pain or lack of mobility. Calcium is a general part of connective tissue and human cartilage, too, so if you want to repair your limbs, you need to increase the consumed amount of calcium.
  • Magnesium is another super efficient mineral that can cope with pain in joints. The thing about magnesium consumption, when having limb immobility or discomfort (as well as osteoporosis or arthritis) is that magnesium helps calcium absorption. This makes it possible for the two elements to act as effective as possible on your joints. Many experts believe that calcium should even not be taken without magnesium, because on your own as a food supplement it become useless and not absorbed by bones and muscles at all.
  • Vitamin D is the most important vitamin for your condition – pain in joints. Just like magnesium, it does support calcium to get absorbed and to act effectively on joints. Vitamin D is also responsible to protect your body of trauma and tumor development. Experts claim that the required daily doze for both – pain treatment and prophylaxis is 2,000 IU
  • Natural herbs that act against the pain: try ginger to stop joint inflammation process and the pain, turmeric for fast painful crisis mastery, as well as boswellia to reduce the swelling, when pain gets “pulsing”. These three superb herbs are amazing spices that should become your daily additions to different types of healthy meals – including greem smoothies for breakfast, warm lunches for energizing yourself and light dinners.
  • Glucosamine – this is the top supplement for pain in joints. Glucosamine reacts on all kinds of deteriorating. It also eliminates the lack of mobility, when the pain becomes quite unbearable. Some experts claim that glucosamine can be both – supportive for joints in first stages of osteoporosis and arthritis and the main treatment for disease complications, including pain.
  • Chondroitin Sulfate might sound to you quite non-organic and toxic, but you need to know that this element acts amazingly fast against pain. It is also an effective anti-inflammation agent with very good potential to break down osteoporosis and arthritis in their first stages. This is why many medical experts prescribe Chondroitin Sulfate against pain, but also as a supportive supplement for healthy joints.
  • When you meet chondroitin you will find out that no matter what phase you are in, pain in joints can be removed regardless your chronic osteoporosis or arthritis. This joint supplement works just like your aspirin or ibuprofen, but it has less negative effect on your body and your immune system.

Supportive supplements for healthy joints

There are also supplements you might take as prophylaxis in case you are genetically predisposed to diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis. These supplements are commonly called supplements for healthy joints and they are equally effective for prevention and treatment during the first stages of joint inflammation:

  • Green tea – this tea type is extremely helpful for any person, who has any problems with the limbs, the bones and the muscles. As a huge antioxidant it can be the best way to remove the free radicals from your body and with this action to prevent future joint inflammation.
  • SAMe – the so-called SAMe are actually S-adenosyl-L-methionine or chemicals with a very good formula for joint improvement. The drug is non-steroidal and it has a very good action against inflammation. Even though chemical, it is very common for first stage of arthritis, because it supports the cartilages with the required elements, so they can rejuvenate.
  • MSM can be found in most fruits and vegetables, but only while they are yet fresh. This means that you need supplement of MSM, because finding a fresh apple or tomato that is only 2 days away from the ground or the three is these days quite impossible. MSM or the methylsulfonylmethane helps the connective tissue to restore, which is very important for any joint after a trauma or for all bones in case of predisposition to osteoporosis or arthritis.
  • Vitamin C – vitamin C as food supplement is good idea, fresh fruits are good alternative, but fresh fruits and vegetables are a little hard to find . Vitamin C is the main antioxidant your body needs to become able to overcome the inflammation process.

Make sure your home drug place or your fridge is full of most of these supplements, so you can remove the pain of joints and keep them healthy! Please, contact your doctor, when you switch to another supplement and never begin a self-made treatment course, but consult with an expert. Good luck and stay healthy!

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