Naturally improve lower back health

Having lower back pain? You might want to lower some bad foods

Lower back pain is surprisingly common thing, even among younger people. Whether is due to the sedentary lifestyle we have nowadays, everything that happens behind the screen, whether computer or phone, most of the time we are still and sitting. This is bad for the blood circulation, however there might be other reasons too.

Many doctors, point to research that suggests that joint health in general might be worsen if you have bad blood supply to those areas.

Having bad blood circulation, can be due to the saturated fat that might reduce the blood supply , especially to the places like joints and tendons that might experience it first, since they receive quite small amount of blood. Even more, the joints mostly recover from nutrients that are not directly supplies via the blood, they rely on the joint fluid.

Now if you eat the standart foods, like junk food – sandwiches, candy, chocolate, bacon and many more – that contain too much saturated fat, you should consider lowering the intake.

Do not just remove those foods from your diet, at first try to reduce the amount, then if you want to completely remove them , you have to be sure to change them for equally calorically and nutritionally important foods, that just don’t contain as much saturated fat.

Reducing the saturated fat has been shown to reduce cholesterol and improve artery health.

By reducing the saturated fat in your daily intake, you could reduce the effect it has on your arteries, especially on the smaller ones that are providing the nutrients around your joints.

If you want to improve your back health, first you should consider having some exercising like stretching, and then figure out (and if you prefer talk to a dietitian) how to lower your saturated fat consumption.

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