Driking enough water for joint health

Drinking enough water for joints health

Ancient people were probably the first ones, who used to claim that water can save us all. Water is one of the biggest values Mother Nature gives us. Water is what keeps us alive and we should never underestimate its role in our life, for our health in our problems. Speaking of problems, water can be indeed the only medical remedy that can help you cope with so many different pains, chronic conditions and symptoms.
Actually, whether you believe it, or not – water can even help you with arthritis, osteoporosis and other similar joint inflammation problems. It`s not only the ancient people, who claim it. Doctors keep saying it all the time: drink enough water for joint health. This is not a statement, not a myth. Studies from all over the world and from different medical universities and labs have already proved it: water saves, then, cures and supports your joints. Let`s find out more about the connection between ordinary water and joint health now!

Water function, hydration, dehydration and joints? Do these things have anything in common?

Yes, they do! The functions of water, when it comes to our health and organism, are numerous. The main reason why water is so important for joints, though, is hidden in the fact that joints need to be flexible, to move and to bear the pressure of the body weight. In other words, joints represent the hinges that connect two bones and if the connection is bad, the bones and the muscles get damaged, too. This means that joints are supposed to be finely nourished, so they can perform their role to connect the bones.
Hydration is the first step you need to consider for your body, when it comes to this role. If you are dehydrated, other parts of your organism and other organs will leave the joints behind, so they will be no longer oiled. They will no longer be able to connect the bones they are meant to connect. This is how lack of enough water in your body makes it easy for you to get arthritis – mainly if you already have a trauma or you are genetically predisposed to such kinds of diseases. So, water at first stage is a supportive food supplement, if we can even call it like that, for your joint health. However, the question is: can water cure arthritis symptoms? Is water capable to eliminate joint pain, if you have already let this happen to your body? Yes, it can, as a matter of fact!

Drink water and stop joint pain!

They say the optimal amount of water per day is about 8 glasses. Can you consume such a quantity of water to support your joints and to let them perform their main role for your skeleton system? What if you already have pain, should you increase the amount of water or no? Actually, there is a line you should not cross, either. Indeed, there is no such a harmless and cheap joint medication as water. And many of you might decide to go too far with it. But consuming too much water isn`t good, either. On the contrary – you may detain water in your knees (whether there are joints, too, as you know) and this might harm your even more. So what you have to do in order to stop joint pain is to stick to the rule of enough water per day – between 6 and 10 glasses of water, which is nearly 3 liters.
There is one BUT about this quantity, though. Sometimes, your body might need of more water than in other days. This happens, when the temperature is hot or when you have consumed too many caffeine drinks. In all cases these are the days, when you are dehydrated, so before providing the necessary healing amount of water, you need to compensate the lack of water or the water you have lost from your body due to some habits or actions of yours.
On the other side, alternative medicine has already proved that there is one really effective homemade remedy that can help you cope with joint pain. Of course, this remedy does include one main ingredient and, naturally, it is water, ordinary tap water or mineral water, if you preferred such. Speaking of which, distilled water is also ok and the main thing you need to take under consideration, when supporting and treating your joints is that the cleaner the water is, the better its effect becomes. As to the remedy…
It is fully made on the base of the dehydration principle we were talking about. And the main task of yours is to consider how much water you need to compensate after suffering of dehydration and how much it will take for you to reach the minimum amount of water per day. To understand how much you need to consume today, for instance, Dr. Batmanghelidj, who has officially signed this water-based joint treatment in medical books, recommends 1 oz of water for every 2 lbs. or 0.9 kg of body weight. So, if you still have overweight, then, you need to drink more than a skinny girl, for instance. Imagine that your weight is 125 lbs. (57 kg). According to Dr. Batmanghelidj method you need to drink about 7-8 glasses (1.75- 2 liters) per day.
This is where the next ingredient of this anti joint pain treatment comes: the ordinary sea salt. Please, never use an ordinary cooking salt, because it is very harmful for your body and mainly for your joints. Mix the amount of water you need to drink with half a teaspoon of sea salt to replenish your lost salt in sweat. Eventually, the daily drink you have prepared for yourself in the morning should be drunk up to the other morning. Some people drink water at nights, when they wake up. Well, personally we do not recommend to include this water dosage in your daily homemade remedy with water and sea salt. When your body is at rest, aka it is sleeping, it usually does not need either food, or water. And if you wake up thirsty, this means you have been dehydrating during the last few hours, so here`s where the principle of compensation water comes.

Follow these instructions, oil the joints with water and you will see the difference very soon! Any doctor – just like Dr. Batmanghelidj – will tell you that water consumption is the very first medication you need to take, when considering the overall joint treatment. So, whether you have a sudden trauma, or you have been carrying the side effects of arthritis for years, water will help you by all means. All you need is to believe in this and then to understand that it is really super important for your skeleton system health.
Do not forget to conduct with your personal doctor about your medical condition and your suggestion you need more water. There is a big chance for patients with joint diseases to have huge cases of dehydration and some more drastic measures might be needed for the treatment. Last, but not least – if you are not used to drink that much water, start your new treatment trial step by step and do not force yourself to drink big amounts of water at once. Eventually, your body will throw it away, so you will not take the benefits of being fully hydrated! Good luck!

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