Natural ways to improve joint health

5 Natural ways to improve joint health

Joints are quite important for even everyday activities. Even small stuff like getting from bed could be not so pleasant if your knee hurts.
Instead of relying on pain killers or gels, we want to offer you some natural ways to improve your overall joint health.

Joints hurt usually due to inflammation, injury or repeated irritation that wears the joint.

So the first thing on the list is

Anti inflammatory foods

Inflammation is not good for the body. Inflammatory processes damage your body, and in this example they worsen the joint health. To reduce inflammation you should consider eating more foods that decrease inflammation.

Decreasing inflammation could lead to improvement of the overall health of your ligaments, joints and tendons.

List of commonly found inflammatory foods:

  • Leafy greens – they offer a lot of great benefits for your body. They contain anti inflammatory nutrients, and also a lot of minerals and vitamins like Iron and Calcium , that help improve joint health.
  • Whole grains – they are great, because they digest slowlier than other foods (like refined flower) and this helps in less blood sugar spikes. Blood sugar spikes create inflammatory processes which can worsen your joints health.
  • Green tea – one of the most commonly heard teas. It has so many great benefis for overall health. It packs many important nutrients, that help fight inflammation.
  • Nuts and seeds – nuds and seeds are packed with many important vitamins and minerals, and also offer important nutrients such as carbohydrates and protein. They are packed with protein and fibers. Nuts are great source of healthy fat too.The polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat offers and not much saturated fats provide for great anti inflammatory functions.

Foods rich in vitamins

Vitamins are something, that has been used a lot by many nutritionists, docots and dietitions. Vitamins are crucial and should be consumed daily if we want to be healthy. They are also crucial for joint health. If you want to fight joint inflammation, vitamins are great way to do it.

List of vitamins that fight inflammation (and foods that contain them)

  • Vitamin C – one of the most common vitamin. It has great anti inflammatory capabilities. It can be found in so many foods, especially in a lot of fruits and vegetables (tomatoes, carrots, lemons, oranges, grapefruits and many more)
  • Vitamin B – ¬†helps fight inflammation and there are many that contain it ( mushrooms, kale , broccoli , dark leafy greans, chick peas and many more)
  • Vitamin K – studies show, that vitamin K is important for many functions, but it especially helps fight and improve the joint and bone health (study)
    foods that are sources of vitamin K – kale, mustard greens, spinach, broccoli, green beans, kiwi,

And others.
Consider eating foods that are diverse, so you won’t just be consuming one type of nutrient, but a verity. This will give your joints more and more ways to fight inflammation and improve the health and pain.


Moderate daily activity is great for the body. It can boost your mood, increase your energy and make you happier.
Moderate exercising also helps improve the health of your joints and tendons. Instead of sitting on the coach all day, or if you work a job that requires a lot of sitting at one place. Your joints would need some relaxation and exercise. Instead of continuing to use the same joint that you are using when working (for instalce if you work on a computer give your wrist and arms time to relax , but go for a small jog).

Moderate daily exercising is great , improves blood flow to your tendons and joints, and if they get more nutrients, they have better way of improving their health.


Stretching is one of those not so interesting activities. It is not fun and doesn’t seem to provide much benefits. However, if you have ever talked to a physical therapist, one of the most overlooked and important thing you can do for your joints is to stretch your muscles.

Many joint pains are due to muscle imbalances or soreness that reduces the moblity of the joint and worsens its health.

Stretching improves muscle tone, blood flow and helps the joints to relax and return to the natural position.

Instead of having tense muscles that pull your body and put stress on your joints, with actively trying to reduce the stress by stretching you can improve your joints health.

Water sports

Water sports are great and fun activities. But not just that, they can be really helpful for people that have pains in their legs and want to improve that.

The water has effect that improves the stress your body puts on your joints. So if you want to improve your joint health, consider taking swimming lessons or doing water exercises. They are good for improving the mobility and provide relaxing of your joints, but also won’t put pressure on your knees and legs in general.


If you are experiencing tiredness in your joints or pain, consider talking with a physician. You should take in mind the activities that you do and improve them, so that your joints won’t be at so much pressure.

  • If you are too active, find a way to reduce it or change your position so that your joint takes some rest.
  • If you are sittng the whole day, consider making some light stretched and exercises every few hours to help your body reduce the stress.
  • Consider taking small walks in the morning and maybe doing some running on weekends.


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