5 Natural ways to improve joint health

Joints are quite important for even everyday activities. Even small stuff like getting from bed could be not so pleasant if your knee hurts. Instead of relying on pain killers or gels, we want to offer you some natural ways to improve your overall joint health. Joints hurt usually due to inflammation, injury or repeated […]

Smoothies for joint pain

Joints and joint pain Joints are the locations where bones connect. Joint pain is a very common condition, especially among adults. There are a number of diseases such as rheumatoid and osteoarthritis and gout that could lead to painful joints. Even acute joint pain affects your life in a negative way but chronic joint pain […]

The best foods for healthy joints

We are what we eat. And since our website is fully oriented to healthy joints, your joints are the food products you consume every day. Indeed, our nutrition does affect any part of our body, it does change our health status and particularly it does change the joint condition, too. This is why it is […]

Supplements for joint pain, health and support

It is still a theory that food supplements are not as efficient as vitamins and minerals we supply our body with via the food products we daily consume. There are yet experts, who believe no one needs supplements, but the common opinion is obvious: everyone needs some supplements, whether for treatment, for support or for […]

Negative effects of junk food on joints

If we are what we eat, then pain we feel might be also caused by the food products and types we consumer. There is no doubt that any unhealthy nutrition regime can bring you a bunch of diseases – including such with chronic pain and side effects. Joints are those human body parts that are […]

Glucosamine effects on joints

Supporting joints, while they are yet healthy and in a proper condition is recommended for all people – regardless whether they have sedentary life, genetic risk of getting diseases like osteoporosis or arthritis or they are fitness lovers. Eating healthy food and taking supplements are great ideas for this purpose. However, if you already have […]

Drinking enough water for joints health

Ancient people were probably the first ones, who used to claim that water can save us all. Water is one of the biggest values Mother Nature gives us. Water is what keeps us alive and we should never underestimate its role in our life, for our health in our problems. Speaking of problems, water can […]