Types of ankle injuries

Types of ankle injuries

  • Basic information about ankle injuries  One of the most common orthopaedic trauma that can happen to a human being is the ankle injuries. There are many different types of ankle injuries and almost all of them are as serious as they sound. This is due to the fact that the ankle is the main support for the entire leg when walking or making any other typical movement. So we can conclude for surely that if you get any type of an ankle injury you need to turn to a specialist immediately. However, about 82% of the ankle injuries are corresponded to sports disciplines, sports traumas and sportsmen in general. Still, no one is actually protected by a special or official guarantee against an ankle trauma. Anyone can get it – whether if making a step wrongly, walking on a surface that is not even and etc. In all cases, ankle injuries usually cause sudden pain, which is quite strong since the joints in this leg part are quite fragile and delicate. It is also important to say that even though not being a professional sportsman, it is more likely for you to get an ankle injury due to some sports activity. Statistics say that women have more ankle injuries. In most cases, they appear to a woman over 30 years old. If having at least one kid or right after the pregnancy, the chance for a woman at this age gets even higher. During pregnancy joints get more delicate due to the weight pressure and an injury is a very dangerous thing that can happen while taking caring of a baby – including if it is still in the belly. Though, men between 20 and 28 years old are even more likely to get such an injury. It is because this is the period of their life when they are more active whether in fitness gym, or at work.

    According to the latest studies about ankle injuries, more than 25 thousand of people in USA sprain their ankle and about 1 million people visit the emergency EA department in the hospital annually and for the same reason. But besides spraining are there are any other ankle injuries we can diagnose? Of course, there are. Today, this is what we are going to discuss actually. Let`s talk about the most common ankle injuries medicine knows. Basically, the ankle injuries are grouped into several categories depending on what element of the ankle is damaged or affected. It can be either the bone, the ligament or the tendon. Here is the list of the most typical ankle injuries you can meet.

  • Ankle sprain – the most popular ankle injury  Not only the most popular ankle injury, but almost everyone of us experiences it at least once in lifetime. The sprain, in short, is a damage of the ligaments, but a mild one. Due to this an inflammation process occurs to the ankle joint and the pain is bearable, but strong. The good news is that the treatment requires materials at hand – like a compression to be made and some rest to be provided for the leg. It takes less than a week to feel relief and to continue walking normally or participating in your daily sports or physical activity.
  • Ankle breakage is a very serious and painful ankle injury  There is no doubt that the most serious and painful ankle injury is the ankle breakage. This is a very harsh discomfort to suffer during the incident, the treatment and the rehabilitation takes a long time. Even though contemporary medicine has discovered numerous of procedures to dismiss the surgeries as alternatives for curing and treatment, in this case surgery becomes the most logical decision taken by an orthopaedic specialist. The bone should be reset and there is no other way except for the surgery to do so. Rigid ankle support is also recommended for afterwards treatment.
  • Achilles Tendon Rupture – the snap that also hurts a lot!  You don`t have a pre-history with your ankle to feel a sudden snap and eventually to end up with a tendon rupture of the Achilles. But this is an injury that will mostly occur to a sportsman, who has been in a specific discipline for a while. Basketball players are quite threatened to have it, but not only. Those, who train badminton, squash and soccer might also suffer from Achilles tendon rapture. It is cases either when you process a forceful push-off with any of your feet, or if trip or stumble at once and the foot is thrust forward. Falling from a big height might be also a reason to get such a trauma.
  • Anterior Ankle Impingement – the trauma of those, who press the ankle too much  Sportsmen from disciplines that involve maximum pressure and movement of the ankles are in a risk for getting such a trauma. This is one of the ankle injuries that cause you serious pain at the front side of the ankle. The source is the pressure of the bony or the soft tissue, but you need to make a really harsh movement to feel the discomfort and then to appear with Anterior Ankle Impingement. For the fact that soccer players have it so constantly, this trauma is widely known as footballer`s ankle, too.
  • Ankle injuries due to Rheumatoid Arthritis  The Rheumatoid Arthritis condition is well-known to cause serious bone, joint and muscle damages. Ankles are not exceptions of this rule. What Rheumatoid Arthritis usually causes to the joints and bones is weakening and stiffness. However, the first stages of Rheumatoid Arthritis in most cases develop only slight stiffness of the upper part of the leg. If the condition gets worse ankles get affected and pain might be another symptom you will also feel.
  • Ankle muscle strain – the pulling out of a muscle  Even though confused with sprains, strains of the ankle actually affect only the muscle, but not the bone or the join part. Haematoma are very common symptoms of this type of a trauma, but what is mostly typical about it is that it is causes by hitting or falling. The worse thing about the ankle muscle strain is the harsh possibility to diagnose it. Many people still confuse it with ordinary ankle sprain, because the sprain, itself, also can cause some significant pain in the muscle area. It happens when the join gets swollen and the human feels the pain all over the lower part of the leg. However, the ankle muscle strain has swelling symptom, too, and in most cases it is a threaten that the whole muscle is disabled to perform all of its functions.

Whether you practice sports on a regular basis, professionally or occasionally and this only last time you had bad luck, an ankle injury should be diagnosed as soon as possible, if you want to get back on your feet as soon as possible. A visitation to the doctor is the most secured way to approach this medical problem properly. X-rays are done, when needed, and even though many people still believe they are are dangerous and risky for health, you need to fully entrust your ankle treatment to the doctor. If the ankle injury is not that big resting might be enough – especially if combined with proper compressions and harmless pain killers like aspirin. In all cases, take care of your ankles, because they are the support of your entire leg, respectively your body and watch out where you step. Turn to a doctor in case you have even a minimum hesitation about any of the main ankle injuries we have discussed above.

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