Contrast showers

Contrast showers for joint pain relief

Joint pain relief is a goal for any patient with arthritis diagnose. Whatever the arthritis type you have, it is very possible for you to suffer from pain during the whole day. The pain is accompanied by incapability of movements and performing regular motions, discomfort and stiffness, swelling and tenderness. In all cases, joints need an appropriate approach into minimizing the inflammation processes and maximizing the flexibility. Contrast showers for joint pain relief can help you a lot. Scientists have already proved that ordinary showers with cool and warm water (at the same time) can manage the pain and can put you back on feet, as well as to stop the stiffness of your hands. Here are more details and things you need to know about contrast showers for joint pain relief.

What is hydrotherapy?

Contrast showers for joint pain Hydrotherapy is a kind of a therapy that is part of alternative medicine. It is applied on many diagnoses, chronic conditions and diseases. Arthritis diseases like RA, psoriasis arthritis and osteoarthritis and are parts of the big list of diseases that can be treated with hydrotherapy, because these types of cares stimulate the blood flow, eliminate the pain, reduce the discomfort, support the normal flexibility of limbs and the body in general. Hydrotherapy is not a real medical treatment, but there are hundreds of doctors from all over the world, who will recommend it as a common way to stop the pain and swelling in joints. Many experts in the field believe that hydrotherapy is a great addition to a professional medical treatment like a prescription for drugs, surgeries and massages performed by physical therapists. Besides, hydrotherapy is a beneficial way to provide your treatment a good prophylaxis even after the treatment has already shown some good final outcome.
But what exactly hydrotherapy is? Well, this is not a question you cannot answer yourself on your own. As you can guess by the name of this term, hydrotherapy is a kind of a medical or alternative therapy for pain management thanks to water. Water has been considered as a common, but helping “element” in many disease approaches – including in joint diseases. When it comes to such disease (for instance RA that causes you joint stiffness in the mornings), hydrotherapy uses both – cold and hot temperature to finally achieve its goal. On the other side, not that other types of disease may be recommended to adopt only cool or warm hydrotherapy. And since our object is joints and pain in joints, we will discuss in details the cold + hot hydrotherapy, which is also known by the name of contrast showers or contrast baths.

Contrast showers for joint pain relief

One of the most efficient pain management approaches for people with arthritis joint pain or stiffness is the application of contrast showers. How are they performed, though? The best part of contrast showers is that you can use them for the alternative showers without the assistance by your personal doctor, or any other professional medical worker. You can do them on your own directly in your home place and even during a vacation, because there is nothing difficult or odd about them. Contrast showers are ordinary showers that use both – cold and warm water to stimulate your blood circulation, to eliminate the pain, to remove the stiffness in joints, to make you flexible and capable to perform all regular motions without finding a difficulty. What you have to do is simply to get inside your shower cabin or stand right above the shower and to start switching the water temperature from cool to warm. Make sure that the period for cold water is equal to the period of hot shower you have. You can perform this procedure as often as you wish – even daily during your normal morning shower or evening bath relaxation.

How do contrast showers relieve the joint pain?

Contrast showers minimize side effects of joint diseases like swelling, stiffness and pain. On the other side, taking a shower with both – cool and warm water – can help you to perform all of your regular motions without feeling the pain. This becomes possible, because of the blood flow circulation that is increased thanks to the sudden change of the water temperature you apply. Each temperature – high or low – helps differently to your joint pain relief program. Thus, hot water opens the blood vessels, which means that it increases blood flow. On the other side, cool water narrows the blood vessels. Switching the warm and cold water makes it possible for the blood vessels to work properly. But why contrasting showers, but only hot or cool water? The answer is simple and logical. The thing is that causes swelling, if not balancing with sudden change of low temperature and after all, swelling is one of arthritis side effect you want to get rid of. On the other side, cool water can relief the pain for a second only and later, if you do not suppress its effect with hot water, the stiffness might increase – especially in the mornings

Benefits of contrast showers for joint pain relief

Now, when you know how contrast shows work against joint pain relief, you can consider whether to try this alternative method for prophylaxis or ordinary treatment. But before that, the following benefits of contrast showers for joint pain relief will help you make up your mind faster and try this tested and effective method on your own joints right away:

  • Contracting plus relaxing of the joints and the cartilage tissue is the main approach for bringing your flexibility back. And joints contract due to warm water, but they relax, when cool water is applied. So this means that contrasting showers can help you move out your joints.
  • And this movement for your joints is 100% free of charge. Many patients with arthritis and joint diseases suffer from constant toxic disorders and allergies due to the drugs. And since these diseases are chronic they are forced to consume the drugs on a regular basis. To avoid the negative side effects of these drugs, you can, instead, try the efficient and 100% harmless contrast showers for joint pain relief
  • Contrast showers for joint pain relief are also recommended, because they do not harm your regular lifestyle, by reminding you that you are living with a constant and quite painful chronic condition. They can be performed during your regular showers either in the mornings, or in the evenings. So, it means that this treatment is not only affordable, but also extremely easy to be performed.
  • Contrast showers for joint pain relief are great to support your body after decent recovery of arthritis side effects like joint stiffness in the morning. This stiffness can be managed with drugs, but when it is gone to prevent its coming back, contrast showers become the best opportunity for you.
  • There are specially tailored centers and facilities that provide modern approaches into contrast showers for joint pain relief as parts of the overall program against joint disorders. These places are modern and convenient and they are mainly accompanied by additional procedures for extension of the good effects of hydrotherapy on your body.

Contrast showers for joint pain relief have become extremely popular for patients with joints diseases and disorders. Most patients find good results during the first month after the application for this method, so you have nothing to lose, but simply a chance to try it and see how it will work on you!

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