Torn ligament in the ankle

The ankle is a hinge joint between the leg and the foot, and allows up and down movement. The bones of the leg (tibia and fibula) form a slot, and the talus bone of the foot fits between them. The talus is held to the tibia and fibula by strong bands of tissue called ligaments. […]

Symptoms of a fractured wrist

There are different writs fractures you can face. And it is not only the breakage that can be serious for your wrist health, for your entire hand health. Fractures vary depending on the caused pain, the level of the caused damage and its required treatment, the demanded duration of the rehabilitation and etc. However, one […]

Medial ankle sprain

Medial ankle sprain is a specific and quite rare medical condition. We can also find it by the names eversion ankle sprain and deltoid ligament sprain. In both cases we speak of an ankle trauma that is accompanied by pain, swelling and inflammation – symptoms you probably already know by the names of other ankle […]

Knee injury recovery

Knee injuries vary depending on the stage they have been treated from, the treatment type, itself, the level of damage, the age of the patient, the previous health history he can show to the rehabilitation experts. In all cases, whether surgery was made due to a more serious knee trauma, or some ordinary physical treating […]

Symptoms of acl tear

ACL tear is a typical injury for sportsmen, people in whose life physical activity and regular workout are involved. The ACL tear is a trauma that can be simply recognized and immediately conducted to a specialist, who will precisely diagnose you and then, prescribe you the right approaches – whether medical products and drugs, physical […]

Types of ankle injuries

Basic information about ankle injuries  One of the most common orthopaedic trauma that can happen to a human being is the ankle injuries. There are many different types of ankle injuries and almost all of them are as serious as they sound. This is due to the fact that the ankle is the main support […]

Symptoms of a sprained ankle

Ankle sprains are very common injuries and may happen to anyone. Some people think of them as sports injuries but that is not always true. Anyone can sprain their ankle especially when walking on uneven surface and/or wearing uncomfortable, impractical, inappropriate footwear. In this article we will explain the nature of ankle sprains and focus […]

Sprained ankle home treatment

Maybe most of us have sprained their ankle at least once. Ankle sprains are common injuries and may happen to each and every one of us. Here we will take a quick look at the nature of ankle sprains and after that will focus on the ways of treating them at home. It is important […]

Shoulder injury recovery exercises

Joint injuries are very harsh and they have to be prevented. But once they happen, it becomes even harder to recover. Unfortunately, the pain that these types of trauma appear is huge. Sometimes, the least injury of a shoulder senses like a breakage or even worse – lifetime stiffness. But you should not worry, if […]

Contrast showers for joint pain relief

Joint pain relief is a goal for any patient with arthritis diagnose. Whatever the arthritis type you have, it is very possible for you to suffer from pain during the whole day. The pain is accompanied by incapability of movements and performing regular motions, discomfort and stiffness, swelling and tenderness. In all cases, joints need […]