Wrist support

Wrist support – what is it , and when to wear it

They say, prevention has been always the best treatment. So if you want to avoid wrist pain and serious injuries, wrist support tips can be very helpful for you. Today, our discussion will focus on this subject with the main focus on the attentive exercise and different motion performance, as well as some basic pieces of advice that can drive you to a risk-free wrist movement execution with no concerns for your health and intact bone, respectively joint body system. Here is what you need to know about the wrist support in general – plus about the top approaches into preventing dangerous wrist injuries.

To support your wrist, start with some changes in your workout regime, as well as with your wrist motion approaches

In short, keep the risk of any injuries to the minimum. Prevent the traumas with the following approaches:

  • Prevent falls. Falling forward onto an outstretched hand is the main cause of most wrist injuries. To help prevent falls, wear sensible shoes. Remove home hazards. Light up your living space. And install grab bars in your bathroom and handrails on your stairways, if necessary.
  • Use protective gear for athletic activities. Wear wrist guards for high-risk activities, such as football, snowboarding and rollerblading.
  • Pay attention to ergonomics.If you spend long periods at a keyboard, take regular breaks. When you type, keep your wrist in a relaxed, neutral position. An ergonomic keyboard and foam or gel wrist support may help.
  • Build bone strength. Getting adequate amounts of calcium — at least 1,200 milligrams a day for women over age 50, or 1,000 milligrams a day for most adults — can help prevent fractures.
  • Work with a knowledgeable physical or occupational therapist. Find someone who understands wrist injuries, i.e., who won’t have you lift heavy weights or do wrists curls, which exacerbate the condition. If your therapist pushes you into pain, find someone else.
  • Do appropriate exercise. When you’re at the keyboard, you’re like an athlete, and you need to “train” the same way other pros do: strengthening and elongating the appropriate muscles and taking frequent breaks. Stop using the mouse, keyboard or any handheld device every 20 minutes (sooner if you have an injury or are fatigued). Some people find certain yoga poses helpful — but avoid any that strain the wrist, like cat curls, downward dog, sun salutation, headstands or shoulder stands.
  • Keep your wrists neutral. This means that no matter how you use your hands for computing, playing the piano or chopping vegetables, you need to keep your wrist straight (i.e. not bent upward, downward or sideways). Do not rest your wrists on any surface while you are keying or mousing. When not keying, rest them palm-side up.

Providing extra wrist support with some smart solutions and products

Besides being careful and taking under consideration the thought that prevention is the best cure, there are some extra wrist support tips you can try – smart solutions and products with tested and effective results. Here is a short, but helpful list of it:

  • Daily exercises for prevention, but not as a part of your workout. Try the following exercises: Wrist Extensor Stretch for 10 minutes daily, Wrist Flexor Stretch – 4 times in few seconds – as well as Resistance Band Wrist Flexion for maximum final effect.
  • Using a wrist wrap. Attention: it is essential to choose the right (professional and fitting as a size to your wrist) wrap, as well as not to tie it too much, especially if your main goal is to hide some defects or to prevent specific mobility issues.
  • Go to an orthopaedic specialist and ask for medical attributes if you have recently passed a long-lasting or serious wrist recovery (treatment). Regardless whether you are active in the gym, or you try to simplify your everyday motions, he or she will find the best solution for you and will follow up your wrist rehabilitation closely, which is the best prevention of new traumas you can handle.

Don`t forget – prevention is the best wrist support! So support your wrist in the best way!

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