Medial knee pain

Medial knee pain

Medial knee pain is one common knee pain type that occurs to both: sportsmen and ordinary people with regular or none physical activity. The typical thing about the medial knee pain is that it affects the inner knee pain. Also, when thinking about its origin, we can list numerous reasons, which is why the early diagnose is so important. The sooner you get to know your problem closer, the easier you will discover the main reason for the discomfort. Eventually, the treatment will accelerate and in few weeks you will get back on your feet – healthy and strong to perform your regular and daily motions with no difficulty or ache!

Basic information about medial knee pain to know in advance

Medial knee pain may occur on gradually over time. However, it might also develop suddenly after a knee trauma. There may be a general inner knee pain, movement may be restricted or there may be a sharp pain. It is very common to get pain on the medial side of the knee, because muscle weakness and/or tightness (which is very common) can subtly change the way the knee moves. This causes more force to go through the inner side of the joint, rather than distributing weight evenly through the whole joint, which results in damage to the inner side of the knee and therefore medial knee pain. Here you will find a summary of the three most common causes of medial knee pain. Use the links to find out more about each condition including symptoms and treatment options for each. If you want more help working out what is wrong with your knee, visit the knee pain diagnosis section.

And here are the top common causes of a medical knee pain

We will try to list the most common causes and reasons that can explain and lead to the right treatment for the medial knee pain now. Take a look at them and try to recognize your personal case. Note that this material is only informative and you should on mandatory check yourself out at doctor`s cabinet before getting aware what your diagnosis exactly is. However, below the most common reasons for the medical knee pain can through some light over your condition:

  • Tear The medical knee tear is in most cases a tear of the cartilage or meniscus trauma. There are two meniscus in the knee; each rests between the thigh bone (femur) and shin bone (tibia) and act as ‘shock absorbers’ in the knee joint. The menisci are made of tough cartilage and conform to the surfaces of the bones upon which they rest. These menisci function to distribute your body weight across the knee joint. Without the meniscus present, the weight of your body would be unevenly applied to the bones in your legs (the femur and tibia).
  • Arthritis It is the wear and tear effect of the chronic condition that can cause you sharp and constant medial knee pain. Morning stiffness, inside knee pain, swelling, clicking/grinding, reduced leg movements are the other symptoms that come with this serious joint disease. There is no treatment that can help you out to get rid of the illness. However, you should on mandatory try the common therapies that can keep you in an average health condition without feeling pain – including the annoying medial knee pain.
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome Do not underestimate this syndrome, because after affecting your medial knee, it might cause you quite bad pain on your entire leg. It occurs when the patella or kneecap rubs against the bone underneath creating friction and pain. Patellofemoral pain is usually known as a cause of pain at the front of the knee as well as sometimes on the outside of the knee. Treatment involves reducing the pain and swelling then correcting any problems which might be causing the patella to track incorrectly over the femur bone.
  • Ligament sprain This is one more serious serious reason for the medial knee pain. Know that the condition comes on gradually if there are biomechanical problems causing the knee to twist or bend putting too much stress on the medial ligament.

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