How to relieve finger joint pain

How to relieve finger joint pain

Joints are the composing elements not only of your legs and hands, but also, specifically of your fingers. Those of you, who have rheumatoid arthritis, might be familiar with the stiffness and pain in hands. But when the situation gets worse, each of your fingers start suffering so much that they might even change their shape of this torturing. RA is not the only reason you might have pain in finger joints. Traumas, as well as osteoarthritis are the other explanations of sudden ache. Such an ache is not just unpleasant, but also a handicap for a person to perform his ordinary and daily activity in both: your professional life and your everyday life at home, at the outdoors and etc.

It is essential to know the reason your finger joints are in pain. This is the only right away – getting a precise diagnose – to apply the right treatment. There are no universal medical treatments for finger joint pain. For instance, if it is a trauma, you might need surgery and if it is not that serious, medications might work, too. Meanwhile, rheumatoid arthritis would require medication therapy or physical therapy. However, natural and home-made alternatives for finger joint pain relief are not only risk-free, but can be also applied for different types of ache, meaning for different conditions regarding the source of the pain. Today, we are going to provide you with a big list of such natural remedies. They come from folk medicine and they have been tested through the years, so you can 100% rely on them with no sense of doing something wrong or something that can worsen your condition. Still, bear in mind that if none of these relief methods works for you in one or two weeks, it might be necessary for you to contact your doctor once again. Please, do not apply the remedy if you don`t have a precise diagnose for the finger joint pain, either. Here are the best ways to relieve finger joint pain without expensive medications or scary medical procedures.

  • 1. Use an ice pack
    Mainly designed to meet the arthritis patient`s needs, it can be added to the universal methods for joint pain in fingers. Whether you have stiffness before the ache or you cannot bear the pain, but do not want to use any medical drugs, a plastic bag filled with crushed ice or some cold frozen natural items like fruits or veggies can help you out at a full value. Besides removing the pain, this method works against irritation and can prevent the fingers from swelling. The cold therapy with an ice pack can be applied for up to 30 minutes per time and about 4-5 times per day. Of course, the sooner you start it, the better.
  • 2. Make a mixture with apple cider vinegar
    The cider or apple vinegar is essential to reduce the inflammation, which is why it has been used for numerous folk tricks to reduce the pain. The pain in finger joints does not make any exceptions of this. The best way to remove the pain in finger joints is simply to mix one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 300 ml of lukewarm water. Drink the mixture in the morning, better before meal. Even though the taste isn`t that good, ladies might appreciate it, because this remedy works amazing things with extra fats in body, too. So why not relieving the finger joint pain and losing weight at once?
  • 3. Olive oil – cook and massage
    They say that this oil is one of the healthiest oils for human`s organism. It is not a myth that olive oil has extra strong phenolic compounds. Due to them it works as an anti-inflammatory agent both: from the inside and from the outside. As a result of the thousands of the test that have been run for these features olive oil possess it turned out that you can relieve pain with it by cooking and by massaging. So if you have pain in finger joints, start cooking your daily meals with olive oil to heal the pain from the inside and make 10-minute massages before or after bath with the oil. You will feel the difference quite soon if you try this double-working olive oil solution.
  • 4. Ginger – the biggest antioxidant in the fight against pain in finger joints
    Not only the inflammation, but pain in general is a type of toxic process in your body. Whether it is an infection, microbe or something else, you need an antioxidant to kill the entire process, right? Well, you cannot find a better remedy for this purpose anywhere else than in ginger`s roots. Making a tea from them is a real panacea, because it will help you forget about arthritis symptoms – including pain in finger joints – and meanwhile, it will boost your immune system, power up the right metabolic processes in your body and will even cure your stomach issues. It is not strange that ginger tea is one of the few teas pregnant women can drink, as a matter of fact.
  • 5. An Epsom salt bath
    The Epsom salt bath is easy to be prepared. Simply, mix 2-3 Epsom salt tablespoons with lukewarm water (about 1 gallon) in a vessel you can easily use, when placing your entire hands (or both hands) inside. All you need to do is to soak your hands with the painful finger joints for at least 20 minutes per day. Repeat the procedure daily till you feel difference in your condition. Know that you will feel better right after the first procedure, but you need to go through at least 1-week course to achieve long-lasting results.
  • 6. The magnesium fairy tale..
    Actually, only people, who believe in surgeries and serious drugs will tell you that the magnesium solution is another bla-bla fairy tale about how natural remedies can set you free from the pain. The truth is that there are dozens of researches, which show that the regular additional or increased consumption of magnesium will improve your joint performance with up to 57% for less than half a year. Naturally, this is an approach that you can use only if the pain is bearable, because you need to wait for few months to see a real difference and about 24 weeks to get rid of the pain forever.
  • 7. Make exercises – they actually won`t hurt you
    Because the more you keep listening to people, who tell you that the pain is coming from the exhauster, the less you will get closer to the desired relief. Most of the injuries we get must be cured at first, but then, as you know well, rehabilitation follows. And the best rehabilitation is not resting or putting your fingers at sleep mode. It is making them more flexible, restoring their ability to move. Exercises for arthritis are very common these days, as a matter of fact, because about 70% of the cases are not capable to be relieved with surgery or medications. Today, people prefer the natural, organic approach and combing proper physical treatment with any of the methods we have explained above will get you amazing results!

Chose the best method to relive finger joint pain and feel your fingers as your resources of actions, but not as handicaps anymore! Good luck, guys!

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