Causes of chronic joint pain

Causes of chronic joint pain

Whether we are talking about huge elbow pain, or you in a back pain due to work or neck pain because of a trauma, such discomfort is usually temporary. It can become chronic only in case of a really serious complication or lack of any treatment. In most cases, the cause is an incident and once the healing process comes to an end, the pain begins disappearing or at least getting weaker. However, joint pain can be chronic, which is both – some more serious problem to consider how to solve and caused due to different reasons. Of course, a trauma can lead to chronic joint pain, but it is not necessary. Meanwhile, there are diseases and medical conditions, where chronic joint pain is the most common side effect. Today, we`ll discuss the top reasons to have chronic pain in joints. Find out more about the causes now!

What are the causes of standard elbow chronic pain?

Causes of chronic joint pain are numerous, but in most cases they are symptoms of limb inflammation – including bad elbow chronic pain. The diseases that can cause the elbow chronic pain are also quite possible to harm your muscles. Muscular pain in the whole hand is totally likely in case you are suffering of any form of elbow chronic pain. These are the main reasons you might have it:

  • Arthritis – of course, this is the main reasons you fell the stiffness in hands in the mornings. Arthritis cause pain in all – hands, elbows, legs and hips – and the condition is always chronic. Event though there are many methods to reduce the discomfort and to increase the flexibility, chronic joint pain is something you need to get used to. Glucosamine is a good alternative for pain elimination, though.
  • Lack of flexibility of arm muscles can cause you both – elbow chronic pain and muscular pain with constant discomfort. It is possible for you to prevent the chronic condition only with proper treatment.
  • Serious nerve irritation does not lead to nerve pain only, but also to chronic elbow pain. Joints in elbow are very delicate and if not supported with proper food supplements, vitamins and active lifestyle with normal physical activity, a trauma is too possible to appear.
  • Speaking of which, it is not uncommon syndrome for people with almost zero physical activity or those, who have been living sedentary life for ages, might develop chronic elbow pain, too. The good part of this condition is that unlike arthritis, it does not require any special or expensive treatment, because some regular workout is totally enough to restore your mobility and flexibility. Note that in the beginning, hard training is neither needed, nor recommended. You need to be very careful with your weakened elbow.

What might be the cause of chronic neck pain?

Chronic joint pain Alright, neck pain is something that many people today suffer from. Do you wonder why? Well, what we have discussed above is the main reason – the sedentary life, office job and the lack of enough movements during the day. Unfortunately, if neck pain appears due to these, you are threatened of developing both – osteoporosis or arthritis. Another cause of chronic neck pain, though, is psoriasis. This medical condition is only a dermatology problem to many people and they do not even understand that it might turn into psoriasis arthritis. Neck is usually the top threatened body part, because when you have psoriasis, the whole nervous system gets in a huge mess, so any other part of your body becomes in a risk to get some complications. Bones and the whole skeleton system is also in a risk, so chronic pain in joints is a very common side effect of psoriasis. Moreover – there is even a term for joint complication in case of psoriasis and it is a form of arthritis. Psoriasis arthritis is a common cause of chronic neck pain and even more to chronic pain in joints in general.

Chronic pain in joints due to inflammation

Regardless what is the main body part that is affected, chronic join pain is almost in all cases provoked by inflammation. Inflammation is a process that makes joints weak, lack mobile and flexible. On the other side, when your joints are inflamed, getting a trauma or injury becomes more possible. Eventually, you can develop a serious disease such as arthritis or osteoporosis. However, trauma is not a necessary cause to get arthritis or osteoporosis. Many people, who have bad habits like drinking alcohol, smoking or eating fast food can develop any of these diseases, too, if they are already genetically predisposes. Add to these, overweight, not enough water drinking per day and vitamin D, calcium or magnesium deficit as main reasons for both – chronic joint pain and arthritis. Joints serve as the main connections between human bones. Joins, also, are responsible for the support of your movements, making your motions easier and faster. Any injury to the joints from disease or injury can interfere with your motions and eventually, to cause a inflammation that comes with a lot of pain. Besides osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, medical conditions like bursitis, gout, strains, sprains, and other injuries can also lead to chronic joint pain. Knee pain was the most common complaint, followed by shoulder and hip pain, but joint pain can affect any part of your body, from your ankles and feet to your shoulders and hands. With years this pain gets older or it develops any of the above mentioned illnesses, which are also chronic.

Chronic joint pain usually comes with additional side effects and discomfort symptoms like these:

  • joint redness
  • swelling in limbs
  • tenderness of joints during motions
  • limping
  • sometimes joints get quite warm and you feel as they are burning
  • stiffness – quite common morning symptom of chronic joint pain
  • locking – mainly for joints in hands, elbow and neck
  • weakness of the whole body as you have flue or low immune system
  • loss of motions of the joints among the whole range of common motions your body is able to perform

Last, but not least, new research shows that chronic joint pain and muscular pain are quite possible to appear due to sexually transmitted diseases, too. Mainly, these are infections like chlamydia or gonorrhea. They do cause nerve irritation and the pain is mostly in the neck or the elbow. Some patients with AIDS also have chronic joint pain. Causes of chronic joint pain are numerous, but the solutions against the discomfort and lack of mobility aren`t few, either. On the contrary, with the proper treatment that it followed by a certain diagnose made by a professional medical expert, you can relieve the pain and make it last for shorter time. Of course, as any other chronic condition, pain in joints is usually not possible to be removed forever. You can, though, learn to live with it without making yourself too many troubles and limits. And yet, sometimes, when you get too tired or the weather worsens, the pain will come up again. Though, you can minimize it with good healthy nutrition, physical active lifestyle and regular medication consumption.

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