5 ways your can help you with your joints health

5 ways your dog can help you with your joint health

Pets are humans’ best friends. Whether you are a “cat person” or a “dog person” they can bring you a lot of joy. When you are feeling sad or lazy they can help you with that. They can cheer you and your whole family up. They are loyal friends and always bring joy. There are so many reasons to get yourself a pet. We are going to show you few that you might never though about, except the well-known benefits of having a pet, or more specifically a dog, for your joint health.
If you have been diagnosed with joint disorder or if u want to relieve some of the pain from your joints, if you want to improve your joint health or in general to be more active person, we are going to discuss how taking care of your friend can help you with that. We are going to share with you the top 5 helpful features of having a dog that can improve your joint strength and relieve the pain.

1.Taking a walk with your dog

One of the best things of having a dog is to take a walk with him. To throw him a stick and run with him in the park. This means that you are going to be moving everyday. This is something rather important for your joint health, especially with our generation’s sedentary lifestyle. We really need to move, our bodies need to be moving and to find a balance between sitting and moving. According to many leading researches and doctors, the health of your joints is strongly connected with your activity. On the one side moving help you with improving joint health, on the other there are so many other benefits. For instance you are going to have a faster metabolism (burning more fat) and having more energy. Walking everyday has many other benefits like improving circulation and brings blood pressure to healthy levels.Of course if you sit too much your joints are going to suffer, however if you are too active they are going to get wasted. Taking your dog is everyday job and it takes 10-30 minutes and it is at the same time task and relaxation. During that time you can listen to music or just enjoy the view. While your friend is enjoying the walk you can enjoy it too while taking care of your joints and your overall health and mood. Since many researches has shown that walking improves your mood and lowers depression levels.

2.They are going to help you with excess of fat

If you are overweight, you need to be more active, since many researches show that the more excess fat you have, the more pressure it would be on your joints. And as you might already figured out, having a dog is going to take a lot of your leisure time and you are going to spend a lot more time moving outdoors, rather than sitting in front of the PC, TV or your cell phone. Being more active means burning more energy and speeding up your metabolism, which is directly correlated to losing excessive fat. You are going to be more energetic and lose fat, at the same time while enjoying the company of your friend.

3.They are going to improve your mood

Yes the mood is not directly connected with your joint health, but if you are in better mood you are more likely to be in the mood for a walk with your dog or with your friends, or just to do your everyday tasks. Everybody enjoys dogs and cats and their company. If you are in good mood the chances are that they are going to improve it even more. If you are in bad mood they are going to cheer you up, like any other friend they want to help you with your problems and make yourself feel better. Also when going on a walk in a lovely weather in the park for instance, you are going to enjoy the company of other people as well, and not wasting the beautiful day sitting at your home.

4.You are going to eat healthier

Taking care of your dog combines walks, baths, cleaning up the litter and feeding them. It is not just to enjoy their company. Like everything elese that you are going to be responsible for you have to pay attention to their needs, indeed but that’s the the boring stuff. The interesting and fun part is since you are going to treat them with healthy foods, you can take an example and eat healthier too. Instead of buying snacks for the movie, you can serve yourself and your pal a healthy snack, made of fruits for you, and vegetables for your friend. We now that giving vegetables to your dog might sound strange, but it actually helps them just like it helps you. Like us, dogs need to consume vitamins and minerals which are really important for their health, overall and their joint health as well.
Products bought from store, contain a lot of unnecessary and harmful chemicals and your dog is going to benefits a lot more from a healthy snack once in a while made of carrots for instance. Sometimes we actually get surprised that dogs eat fruits and vegetables but it is in their nature to be ready for any food. So like everything there is going to be a learning period in which you have to be consistent in teaching them to eat a healthy snack. And while doing so you can do that for yourself as well. Eating more vegetables and fruits like: carrots, cherries, broccoli and basically almost anything that grows on trees is directly correlated with your joint health, because they reduce inflammation, for instance cherries are filled with anthocyanins which according to researches reduces the inflammation. And most of the pain of your joints is because of inflammatory process. While on the other hand fruits are filled with vitamins, amongst the most popular one Vitamin C, which is directly correlated with maintaining healthy joints by reducing the chance of developing disorders like arthritis, the key however is to take about 75mg(for man) and 90mg(for women) vitamin C per day according to USDA recommendations. Minerals like magnesium (containing in fruits like:bananas, nuts and seeds and yogurt) helps your joints further by improving the naturalization of calcium. Since calcium is connected with magnesium, magnesium is actually responsible for improving the consumption of calcium thus improving overall calcium absorption in your body.

5.You are going to drink more water

More activities mean that you are going to need more water and you are going to be more thirsty. Many studies have shown that water is really important for overall health and for joint health especially, because it helps sweating and thus reducing the toxins in your body. Also drinking more water improves joint health by not being dehydrated which directly impacts their functionality and health. Also drinking more water helps you losing weight, as we have already noted losing weight is crucial if you are overweight for joint pain and overall health. Drinking water helps you losing weight, because many studies have shown that people often eat a lot more than they need simply because they do not drink enough water. Studies have actually proven that fact that drinking more water helps you lose weight. Drinking more water, boosts your energy. For people that are active this is actually really important, they have to drink even more water, but staying well hydrated is crucial for their accomplishments. Both athletic and overall performance is going to be improved. However there is such thing as drinking too much water, since every person requirements for water very and can change from day to day you can safely consume water up till the point that you notice that you are going to the bathroom too many times a day.

Now you have few more reasons to be proud that you have a dog, or you have few more reasons to get one if you have considered it but never actually got one. You can get one from the shelter for dogs and change little fella’s world by giving him love and support and receiving many happy memories with him or you can purchase one, there are so many breeds that you can always find the one that you love and suits your habits and lifestyle.So if u are experiencing any joint stiffness, or pain you can try to be more active with your friend. Ofcourse we would recommend you to consult with doctor before self-diagnosing yourself with any joint disorder.

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