Odd joints in the human body

10 odd joints in human body

According to the basic and approved anatomy knowledge and facts, a grown up adolescent person has more than 200 joints. Joints are those elements in human body that help us move or to be more specific they are the elements that support bones and help them to move. Joins are also well­known by the nameof articulations. They are made of the delicate piece cartilage that connects bones, keep them together in the skeleton and supports the body for different positions and motions. Among all of those 200 joints, we do recognize different types of odd joints in human body. They are odd for numerous reasons and today we are going to discuss some of them. Here are the top 10 odd joints in human body you should be aware of and take under consideration in case of trauma, during fitness workout or just like that, for general awareness. Because after all, if you want to love and take care of your body, you need to at first know it perfectly well!

1. Sutures as delicate immovable joints

It becomes weird, when hearing of immovable joints, knowing that joints in general are made to provide and support motions. However, there are joints that do not move, but help other motions. Sutures are such joints and they compose the scull, which is while they are known as immovable joints. They are the only types of fibrous joints and according to the medical researches, they are also quite delicate and fragile in comparison to those joints that are located in legs and arms, for instance. Suture joints come the flat bones of your skull to the jaw together. These joints are also weird as to their structure. Suture immovable joints are composed of continuous tissue. Also, they are known for being modified during the whole childhood. These modifications are not only sizable, but also functional.

2. Sacrococcygeal joint

Another odd joint we can for sure add to the list of the 10 odd joints in human body is the sacrococcygeal joint. What is strange about it is that it is mainly a typical amphiarthrodial joint, but unlike most of these joints, it appears right on the oval surface or to be more specific – between the apex and the sacrum. Also, this type of joint is considered to be the main part of the coccyx. Though, what`s so strange about this joint anyway? The odd thing about it is that it is connected by numerous and almost equal ligaments. They are the following: the anterior ligament, the posterior ligament, the lateral ligament, as well as the interposed fibrocartilage and the intercultural ligament. Remember, that no matter how odd these joints are, usually they are not described as fragile and dangerous to get broken.

3. Shoulder joint

The next joint we would like to point your attention at is the shoulder joint. What is odd about it is that this is the most movable joint from your entire body. Indeed, many people believe that we do more motions via our legs and feet, but the reality is different and shoulders are indeed more flexible and more active. Know that this joint is shaped by the humerus, the scapula (or shoulder blade), and the clavicle, when they simply join and come together as one overall piece of the body structure.

4. Knee joint

Knee injuries are very common and what is more significant they represent the most dangerous traumas you can do to yourself. However, it could be weird for you to figure it out that the knee joint is the strongest joint in the body. So just imagine what it would be, if this joint was weak! If traumas are so risky and common, it could be a common case for orthopedists to deal with knees daily.

5. Big toe joint

Each of our feet has five toes, but the big toe is usually handled with most of the overall foot movement. This is why the big toe joint is so important. It is also odd to us, because in case of arthritis and osteoporosis – the top common joint diseases and very popular (unfortunately) these days – the big toe joint gets hurt and disordered before any other joint. The big toe joint shows you the first sings of arthritis and usually the symptoms are stiffness, light deformation and pain, when wearing tight shoes.

6. Ulna

Why this is one of the top 10 odd joints in the human body? Because, as a matter of fact, it is not a joint. We add it to the list, because they are yet theories that claim it is either part of hand joint, or it is a separated joint. Actually, ulna is not even a part of the wrist joint. It is a small element in had that supports the motions in radius.

7. Wrist joint

Wrist joint is very common in sports traumas. Indeed, most of sports types and disciplines mainly include leg movements, but the wrist join injury can be seen even in football (where hands are not allowed to be involved according to the game play rules). The wrist join is also popular to be called one of the most complex joint. Some of its elements are sometimes confused with individual joints (like the ulna we have discussed above). The wrist joint injuries, on the other side, in most cases do not involve accidents or incidents. On the contrary – when the motions are repetitive, it is enough for the wrist joint to get a trauma, to lose its regular shape and even to begin stiffing. Wrist joints, though, are rarely (or at least at last) affected by common bone and joint diseases like arthritis.

8. Diarthrosis joint

Diarhtrosis is a typical joint type that is well­known to be the most movable join in the body. The move we are talking about is a specific move, the free moves. This type of a joint is connected with the ends of the adjoining bones. They are also covered with a thin cartilaginous sheet. As to diarthrosis join are connected to the ligament lined with synovial membrane. Another odd thing that is typical for the diarthrosis is its secrete. The secret is a specific synovial fluid, which is important for the cartilage support. Otherwise, the joint is going to be wasted. The free motions, which are supported by the diarthrosis, allow the rest of the movements made by the body to keep a flow direction and regular alienation. Besides, diarthrosis joints are the only joints that give the free motion change in your daily movements.

9. Vertebal joint

The vertebal joint is an odd joint, because it serves some of the most complicated job in the whole skeleton system. Unlike the other joints in the body, these types of joint do not support only one part of body, but many of them. It is because the vertebal joints are located in the spine and they are serving a giant role of the overall body movement. Here is some basic information about vertebal joints: those bones of the vertebral column are composed of the joints between the bodies of adjacent vertebrae and joints between the adjacent vertebral arches. And the joints that are placed nearby the first two cervical vertebrae and the cranium allow humans to make motions not only proper and flexible, but also various and indicated by the nerve system, which means all kinds of movements. This makes many scientists consider that vertebal joints are also odd due to their both – structure and location.

10. Ankle joint

Last, but not least we have decided to finish our list of 10 odd joints in human body with ankle joint. The specific thing about this joint is that it is the most stressed joint among all of the human`s joints. The pressure, of course, comes from the fact that ankle joint is supposed to obtain and support the whole body weight. The ankle joint is a located right on another joint, the synovial joint. The connection between them is formed with primarily up­and­down movement (plantarflexion and dorsiflexion). However, when the range of motion of the ankle and subtalar joints, the pressure becomes too high and injuries are possible.

Knowing your body is the key to healthy life and proper support of the weakest parts in it. Those joints we have discussed above are by all means important to be known and understood – as to how they work and how to protect them. And joints in general are body elements we need to always keep in consideration. Because just like muscles and bones start a movement, joints do make it proper, support it and let the faultless motions occur. Those joints we have not listed in top 10 odd joints in human body, though, should be approached with attention, as well. Being so many, joints are both – extremely important for the human body and very delicate and fragile. One single injury on one single joint can cause you numerous troubles. To avoid any risks and to be extremely attentive, while having workout or while practicing sports disciplines, though, is not enough to protect your joints – including the oddest joints in the body. It is essential to provide your body with necessary vitamins and minerals. Some of them are extremely important for joints, specifically. Calcium and magnesium, on the other side are joints­life­saving minerals you need to offer to your body. So, be always attentive and supportive for your joint health and make sure they are strong and capable to perform their main functions.

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