Understanding osteoarthritis in details

Understanding osteoarthritis in details

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common disease that occurs with age and one of the most typical side effect after a bad skeletal or muscle trauma. The illness begins as simple pain and eventually, when not treated well, it develops into a huge, hurting and really unpleasant chronic condition. According to the statistics, about every 1 in 5 people after age of 50s get osteoarthritis. Meanwhile, depending on the region patient lives, the disease becomes either more possible, or less likable. Thus, countries with humid climate have more patients suffering of osteoarthritis, while hot or windy areas provide living conditions that keep the disease away of people. Though, these facts refer to osteoarthritis due to age, because traumas causes by accidents or injuries always hide the risk of osteoarthritis development. As you can see and understand immediately, our topic today is osteoarthritis. We will tell you everything you need to know about the disease – mainly facts of the following categories: what, why, relief, diet and exercises. Let`s get started.

What? Or what exactly osteoarthritis is?

Osteoarthritis is a very common joint illness, which in most cases affects cartilage. On the other side, cartilage is the main tissue, which embrace the back edges of bones in a joint. When cartilage is healthy, bones are able to glide over each other. Also, any of your common movements is not harsh to be performed, hurting or affecting nearby body part in a negative way. This means, that if you have osteoarthritis, your cartilages are quite weak. They have either lost their flexibility or even worse – they have broken down and worn out. Eventually, the main side effect – rubbing of the bones that are covered with this cartilage – appears and leads to the other symptoms, mainly pain and disability to perform regular movements. This is how swelling appears, too, and joints stop being able to respond to your needs of movements. Sometimes, bone spurs appear on the edges of the joint, too, which also cost you lack of flexible movements.

Arthritis and osteoarthritis

Many doctors, patients and even pros, sometimes, cannot distinguish arthritis from osteoarthritis. However, both should be understood separately, because regardless the fact they are similar, in most cases, they should be cured differently. Know that unlike some forms of arthritis, osteoarthritis affects only joints, but not any of your internal organs. Also, arthritis is not a side effect of getting older in most cases, but a trauma symptom or bad lifestyle with harmful habits. In osteoarthritis, bad habits affect the whole medical condition, too, but they cannot be the main reasons for getting it. Also, different physical exercises for osteoarthritis are not suitable for arthritis and vice versa.

Why? Or what causes osteoarthritis?

We have mentioned some of the main reasons for getting osteoarthritis, but it is a must to make the whole list of the causes. Here are the top factors that can bring you osteoarthritis:

  • Getting old is a reason number one for having osteoarthritis. This is because with years cartilage lose their ability to rejuvenate. Also, the more movements your body has made, the less cartilage issue remains on joints, which eventually makes the joints extra weak. Note that women suffer from osteoarthritis quite more often than men. Women are more fragile and men are stronger, which puts cartilage at higher risk in females.
  • Overweight is another quite common reason for getting osteoarthritis. The weight your body needs to handle and support weakens the cartilage and makes joint more affected. With years, the overweight becomes a burden that gets you closer to the diagnose.
  • An injury is also a very common reason for getting osteoarthritis. This reason is due to joint trauma mainly. However, if you suffer an injury, it is not on mandatory to get osteoarthritis, but if the trauma has been hard, the specific joint remains in risk in future, too.
  • Genetic disorders in joints also may lead to osteoarthritis. They are mainly wrong joint formation during early childhood or some side effects of pregnancy that was accompanied by unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Sportsmen like football players and athlete contestants usually suffer from chronic pain that at some point can lead to osteoarthritis.
  • There are also risky job positions that makes cartilage getting weak faster than in other people. These job positions are usually supported with a special osteoarthritis insurance.

Osteoarthritis relief – or what should be diet and exercises, as well as other additional treatment to stop the disease and its side effects?

What is a common symptom of osteoarthritis is the pain. Pain occurs in joints, when moving and many times even during sitting and sedentary position. The longer osteoarthritis condition is abandoned by the patient, the more unbearable hurting becomes. Patients with osteoarthritis also lose their flexibility and normal speed in walking and running. But when it comes to osteoarthritis relief, there are treatment types you can take benefits of. Here are some proper and tested ideas to minimize osteoarthritis side effects and symptoms, mainly the pain:

  • Osteoarthritis diet
    It is a must to avoid overweight, if you have osteoarthritis. Being extra thin is not ok, but any additional kilo will make pain – bigger, and flexibility – weaker. To avoid overweight, the best thing you can do is to maintain healthy weight. For this purpose, you`ll need a proper osteoarthritis diet. The diet excludes extra fatty products, fast food and pastry in big amounts, because they lead to faster putting on weight. You can compensate them (especially, when it comes to those medi-bites between the meals, as well light lunch breaks and breakfasts) with vegetables and fruits. The idea is to eat fresh veggies and citruses, between everything old will lead to cartilage breakage. But besides standard vitamins (mainly vitamin C, because it supports collagen production that is the main material for bones, cartilage tissue and joints) and minerals, you need to consume more food products with omega-3 acids. Mainly, you can provide them from fish, seafood specialties and nuts. However, forget about any other oil for cooking besides olive oil (extra virgin is recommended).
  • Osteoarthritis exercises
    When it comes to osteoarthritis pain relief, besides proper healthy nutrition regime, you will need to move more. Any type of physical or sports activity is cool for the joints, because they are kept strong and flexible. Sedentary life is not helpful in your case and exercises with weights are really beneficial. On the other side, daily jogging will make you stronger. Experts claim that exercises can support your chronic condition by minimizing your joint pain and making it simpler for you to execute your daily goals and movements. All of these are important, because with time, pain from this disease increase in a way to prevent you from performance your regular tasks. However, exercises in case of osteoarthritis might be dangerous, if you do not execute them properly. They can even cause you some traumas and worsening of the whole condition.

Living with osteoarthritis and without pain is completely possible, if you are steady and stable in your daily cares. Forgetting consuming your drugs and medical products is not an option, if you want to avoid surgeries and other difficult and dangerous procedures. Seeing your doctor on a regular basis is also a guarantee for you that your condition will not become worse.

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