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Psoriatic arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis is a common chronic disease that occurs due to several main causes – inflammation and psoriasis, which is also a very popular chronic illness. According to the statistics, 15% of patients, who are diagnosed with psoriasis, eventually develop psoriatic arthritis – which is a disease that is a side effect of psoriasis, itself. The main discomfort that appears after developing psoriatic arthritis is pain in limps and joints. However, if understood and treated right pain relief is quite possible and not such a hard mission to complete. Today, we are focusing your attention over psoriatic arthritis as a disease caused by other disease or medical condition, as well as all of its common signs – such as symptoms, popular side effects and of course treatment alternative for normal life with psoriatic arthritis diagnose. Let`s get started!

What is psoriatic arthritis?

As we have already mentioned it, psoriatic arthritis is a chronic disease that is typical for the fact that it represents a kind of inflammation. However, regardless other types of arthritis, where inflammation process appear either in cartilage tissues, or in joints, here, the inflammation occurs on the skin. To be more specific, this skin inflammation is simply called with diagnose of the chronic disease psoriasis. Still, joints get inflamed and in pain, too, as a side effect of non-treated psoriatic arthritis. According to medical reports in both – USA and Europe, psoriasis itself affects about 10% of the population, but with proper cares, it might be prevented from becoming a chronic disease, eventually of developing the side effect of psoriatic arthritis. Psoriasis appears are patchy and red zones of skin inflammation. These zones become scaling with time and cause some really unpleasant discomfort to the patients. The affected skin zones are usually those on elbows and knees, as well as the head scalp, sometimes – the ears, the navel. The worst psoriasis development appears on genital areas or anus. This is how patients with drastic inflammatory arthritis and psoriasis turn to be diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, too. The onset of psoriatic arthritis generally occurs in the fourth and fifth decades of life. There are no evidences over the difference between the rates in males and females with psoriasis arthritis. Both genders carry the same risk of having it, but it is a common fact that psoriasis, respectively, psoriasis arthritis mainly appear after the fourth decades after birth. The most common symptoms behind psoriasis arthritis are pain in joints, huge stiffness and swelling of the limbs. Pain in chest, headache and sudden tiredness during the day are also common symptoms of psoriasis arthritis. Unfortunately, there are no certain cures for psoriasis arthritis, but you can find a decent solution for the disease to keep it with less side effects and pain.

What does cause psoriasis arthritis?

The question why, when you get psoriasis arthritis is the most common a patient can have. There are many factors and reasons that can bring you this diagnose, but here are the main ones among them:

  • Genetic predispose of having psoriasis arthritis. If any of your family has ever had it, then you have 40% chance to develop this medical condition, too.
  • Inner body inflammation process that occurs due to immune system disorder, as well as several types of autoimmune system diseases.
  • AIDS and HIV are certain causes of psoriasis arthritis in many cases, too, but patients with these diagnoses do not develop psoriasis arthritis on mandatory.

Treatment of psoriasis arthritis as a chronic disease

Fruits and vegetables for joints health As a chronic disease, psoriasis arthritis does have neither a certain cause, nor a 100% curing treatment procedure or medication. However, psoriasis arthritis pain relief might be achieved with certain exercises, diet and a combination of life-supporting and immune system stimulating medications. Here are the most common treatment alternatives for psoriasis arthritis:

  • Medications for psoriasis arthritis are numerous, but most doctors usually proscribe sulfasalazine, methotrexate, leflunomide and cyclosporine. It is not excluded to have a mixture of some of these drugs according to the stage of psoriasis arthritis you have developed. Any immune system stimulators are welcome to relieve the pain and to put the joints in normal condition.
  • Diet is a mandatory part of psoriasis arthritis treatment. There are many different nutrition regimes you can turn for pain relief and normal life with this disease. It is better for you to visit a doctor before starting any of these diets, because he or she knows the best what your condition rate and level is. However, whatever diet your doctor prescribes you, there are some standard food products that usually appear. For instance, there are several food types you need to avoid: sugar products, including pastries and even brown sugar, any type of red meat, which increase the inner body inflammation processes, as well as any form of fast food. There are some myths over the diary diet, which excludes milk, cheese and yoghurt, but scientists have not proved that these products affect psoriasis arthritis badly. On mandatory, diaries include a lot of calcium quantity and it is a very important mineral for all patients with joint diseases or chronic conditions. However, when it comes to the products you need to rely on for pain relief, they should be rich in omega-3 fatty acids, many types of vegetables and fruits and nuts.
  • Exercises for psoriasis arthritis. Living an active life filled with sports activities is a must, if you want to have a normal life with this chronic medical condition. Walking and jogging are very common solutions for pain relief management. However, they are not the only options you have to minimize the side effects of psoriasis arthritis. Many experts consider the perfect combo of exercises and water to treat the symptoms of psoriasis arthritis. This is how the water aerobics is again adopted by physiotherapy and psoriasis arthritis treatment. These exercises, as you can guess are performed in water environment and they are beneficial for two main things. First of all, they relief the stiffness and swelling due to blood flow stimulation. Second of all, water exercises are good to be made in mineral and curing water springs and swimming pools, so the inflammation processes can be overtaken. If you are not up to water exercises, there are clinics and physiotherapy centers, which can offer you standard ground exercises. Their main goal is to activate the joints and to set them in motion.

The chronic condition of psoriasis arthritis makes a lot of patients with it quite desperate. They do give up of any alternative for treatment, which eventually worsens the situation. But if you have a healthy nutrition regime that includes good and fresh food, as well as breakfast in the morning and standard 3-course meals per day, you can exclude some of the worst side effects of this disease. In addition to these, the water exercises are supposed to reduce the pain, which, indeed, is not little, when you are diagnosed with psoriasis arthritis. Though, doctors and medicine scientists keep reminding people that the combo of good diet and exercises can achieve wonders with patients that have psoriasis arthritis. We remind you that any of our tips and pieces of advice from above should be on mandatory conducted with your doctor`s opinion, before starting performing and integrating them in your lifestyle and food regime.

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