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Effects of too much sitting on joints

Do you have knee pain or you are still suffering from that unpleasant pain hip yet? Are you leading a sedentary life or you are just stuck behind the desk for the whole working day without a chance to move aside for a second? All of these syndromes can be combined behind the term of syndrome “too much sitting effect on joints”. Indeed, the pain you feel might be not a sign of a disease, but of your personal sedentary life, which leads to stiffness and eventually to joint inflammation. You need to do something about it until the joint inflammation turns into something much more serious like RA, osteoarthritis and etc. But before that let`s find out more about the so-called too much sitting effect on joints.

What are the risks of too much sitting you need to know about?

If you sit too much and your life is deprived of movements, flexibility motions and stretching, you are in a really huge risk for your overall health. Indeed, you can develop diseases like varicose veins, hemorrhoids and etc, but what is for sure is that you might get the standard joint deformations. Eventually, these are the main too much sitting effects on joints:

  • Knee pain from sitting too long
    All those pressure from your seating posture or from crossing your legs can eventually cause you some serious knee pain. It could be also the first sign of arthritis and eventually of permanent knee joint deformation, if you do not take the necessary measures. When you sit for too long on a desk or chair, you need to compensate this time with stretching and active life. This is how the numbness or tingling of the knee will be either avoided, or permanently reduced to minimum. On the other side, if your height prevents you from sitting comfortably behind your desk, you need to urgently find the right posture. Thus, joint pain or deformations will be avoided.
  • Pain in hip joint when sitting
    Those of you, who sit for long periods, must be regular in feeling some really bad sharp, stabbing pain. Sometimes, the ache is dull ache and it goes outside of the hip, but mainly the hip, itself, is like stiffed and hurting even when you are in a lying position. It is a big mistake for people to neglect this discomfort, because with time, the pain becomes a permanent element of their lives. Thus, they develop chronic pain in hip joint when sitting. Eventually, any motion or ordinary task from your daily routine becomes extra hard and difficult. What is this? This is a syndrome called FAI or femoroacetabular impingement. It happens when the labrum, which is a thick cartilage that covers and protects hip joint, wears out and gets away of the socket. This is how injuries become more possible and arthritis closes to ruin your life, too.
  • Pain in neck from sitting
    Last, but not least, we need to also mention the pain in neck from sitting. This is the most typical side effect of sedentary life and probably all of you, who sit behind the desk, know it quite well. Experts believe that it is not on mandatory to get a pain in neck from sitting, but the chance to avoid it is small. The key is hidden in your right posture and you need to admit that you are not so good in it. Thus, crossing your legs, girls, is definitely not the best posture you can have in your office. Also, too close to the desk or standing too aside from it will eventually harm your joints and the cartilage tissue will become less and less until it gets so tiny that it will be no longer for it to protect your bones and muscles. And this is how the pain becomes permanent or chronic.

How to eliminate joint pain after sitting?

Too much sitting effects on joints So, we do understand that quitting your job cannot be an alternative for an answer to this question, but reconciling with the discomfort shouldn’t be, either. We should, though, encourage you by telling you that it is possible – to eliminate the joint pain after sitting – and our tips and programs for improvement of the joints do not include changing your job position or quitting your beloved working place. There are some tips and programs, exercises and approaches you can accept for your own sedentary life, so the pain will no longer worry you. Here is how to eliminate joint pain after sitting:

  • The 30/30 anti psoriasis arthritis pain management due to sitting
    This is a very cool alternative for those of you have psoriasis arthritis or any kind of pain in joints due to sedentary life. The method is developed by psoriasis and arthritis specialists, who have already applied it on many patients and the effect is on. The program includes change of your posture per half an hour (30 minutes) and the important thing here is to change the posture to the opposite position without putting too much pressure on each of your hips.
  • Stretching against joint pain after sitting
    Stretching is a type of physical exercise that accents either on a single part of your body (neck, hip or whatever else that hurts you, when you are sitting for hours), or fully on all of your limbs. Stretching is not hard or required to be performed in professional fitness environment, so you can perform it even while you are at work. Your boss will understand, especially if you explain to him that you have joint issues.
  • The right posture will minimize the chance to have pain and aches, while sitting
    It is a must to find the right posture behind your personal desk, while working. If the posture is wrong, you will not only feel pain, but will risk your body. You may eventually modify your spine form, which, believe us, is even worse than your current neck pain. Keep the body in alignment while sitting and make sure you have the perfect posture even when you are walking. Experts believe that if you have a wrong walking posture, it will be passed on your sitting position, too.
  • Flexibility improvement
    Stiffness is one of the main problems that occur due to sedentary life. As a main effect of sitting for too long, it can be avoided, if you do more about your flexibility. Besides the regular stretching, you should improve your overall physical activity – not only during the day, but in general. Make sure you have a favorite sports to practice once in a while. And if you don`t have time for it, then compensate the sedentary moments with walks in the park of normal dancing. The more you sit in the office, the more you need of flexibility improvement, aka you just need more motions in your life.
  • Additional good things you can do to eliminate the pain from sitting
    Such things are the ordinary bad habits we do have in life – too much alcohol consumption, cigarettes, fast food and etc. All of these things usually affect the weaker parts of our body and since your weak parts are the joints, they will eventually harm them, too, in their own destructive way.

Please, make sure you visit a specialist in case the pain is permanent or too unbearable. All of our tips are working and effective, but to be sure that you don`t have any serious joint disease and that you don`t need professional help, consult with a specialist right away!

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