The best foods for healthy joints

Food is really important part of our joint health. We are going to offer you some of the best foods for joint health.

Berries  We are what we eat. And since our website is fully oriented to healthy joints, your joints are the food products you consume every day. Indeed, our nutrition does affect any part of our body, it does change our health status and particularly it does change the joint condition, too. This is why it is important for us to show you the best food for healthy joints. With all of the tips and pieces of advice we would like to provide in the next lines we would like to focus your attention at both – a solid and efficient arthritis diet and the joint health food you need to consume, if you want to preliminary avoid any problems with your bones, muscles or any part of your skeleton system. So here is the best food for joint pain and the best products that can prevent you from such, too.

Joint health food or what are the foods that help arthritis?

The following food products, herbs and spices are the main products you need to consume, if you urgently need of arthritis diet that can help you cope with the pain, or if you are just in a stage of prevention for any joint deformations and injuries. Check out the most popular foods that help arthritis and the most common joint-loving meals you need to focus on from now on:
  • All kinds of berries
    From all fruits in the world, berries are those with the biggest amount of anthocyanins and antioxidant components that can fight back the inflammation of your joints. By saying berries, we mean all kinds of berries – strawberries, blueberries and etc. You can eat them in a raw breakfast with yoghurt, as well as like a smoothie, but do not mix them with harmful sugar ingredients in a form of a dessert, because thus, you will lose their helpful effect.
  • Nuts – again, all kinds of nuts (excluding fried and spiced ones)
    Include nuts in your arthritis diet, because they are the healthy fats you need to fight the pain and to make your joints stronger. Nuts are extremely helpful for the rejuvenating process of the cartilages, so they will assist your immune system to make the recovery of an injury faster. We recommend you to have nuts for a middle meal or any time you feel hunger, while you are on a diet.
  • Carrots
    As a matter of fact, all kinds of orange veggies are superb for your arthritis diet, because they have antioxidant features, as well as strong agents that prevent inflammation process. Carrots are great for lunch, because they provide your body with energy, but they are a great alternative for a dinner, too, because they are very low-caloric.
  • Leafy vegetables
    Here, we mean lettuce, broccoli and cabbage. They are all parts of the big list of joint health food products that can provide your body with antioxidant agents. But here is what: according to the latest researches they are also pain-killers and you can eat them round the whole day without getting into panic that you will put on weight and make your joints even weaker.
  • Fish
    Not only oily fish like salmon, but any type of seafood product is a superb source of omega-3 fat acids. They help you to recover from the pain and they produce more enzymes to make joints extra strong. Fish is what supports the cartilage in a top condition, so it represents the main element from all foods that help arthritis.
  • Apples (mainly red)
    These are those fruit types that can make your movements painless and that can let you forget that you are living with arthritis. Though, this is possible only if you consume at least 1-2 red apples per day.
  • Onion
    Ok, most people don`t like its smell and its taste, but onion is such a strong antioxidant that your sick joints just cannot live without it. Add it to your arthritis diet and be sure that inflammation of the joints will be at least reduced and this will happen quite fast.
  • Basil
    If you are a spicy cuisine and spice addition to your cooking lover, then you need to rely on basil. We do love it in pesto and for baked meat, as well as with mozzarella cheese and on avocado sandwiches. Whatever you add it to, basil will strengthen joint cartilage. It does have a special anti-pain feature, if you get used to drink it as an afternoon tea.
  • Olive oil
    Make sure it is extra virgin, so you will not break your effective arthritis diet. Olive oil should be the only fat or oil you use in your daily cooking process. It is not just the less harmful, but it also helps you out with arthritis pain.
  • Ginger
    Ginger is another spice you need to include in your daily menu. Probably, you have drunk it as an aphrodisiac or a stomach ache relief, but guess what – it is also quite efficient in joint pain relief. The best way to get the biggest benefits of ginger is to prepare tea from it. However, do not underestimate the great advantage it offers for any meal, too – especially with fish, potatoes or sandwiches with seafood products.
  • Soy
    Soy is the best supplement for arthritis diet to those of you, who cannot stand fish. Of course, if you want to cure your joint pain you need to make compromises with your personal tastes, but fish is too specific to stand it…even for good. However, thankfully, there is a great fish replacement as to the omega-3 source and it is called soy. Soy is great to support your healthy weight, too, so on mandatory add it to your shopping list next time you are going to the supermarket.
  • Dairy products
    Some medical articles say that dairy products are bad for your joints, but there are yet no proven evidence that they really are. Besides, you need to increase the low-fat dairy products, if you want to have strong joints, because they contain the necessary vitamin D and calcium quantity your body needs.
  • Beans
    If you want to have healthy joints, you need to something about your lower CRP. Beans are best friends in this mission and you can consume them as much as you want. Being a big and important source of protein, beans are also good for your muscles and they need to be strong to protect your weak joints.

Foods to exclude from your arthritis diet

 Besides recommended, there are also quite dangerous food types you need to avoid from your arthritis diet. Here is what you must not consume, if you are diagnosed with any kind of joint inflammation disease:
  • Alcohol
    Quit it forever or reduce it to minimum. If you are on a party and you cannot deny a glass of alcohol, go for a glass of red wine or a beer. All spirit drinks will only worsen your join condition.
  • Too much salt
    If you love salty food, go for soy sauce. We have already mentioned you how beneficial soy is, but never go too far with salt, because it gets stuck in your bones and joints. Eventually, they get wasted quite fast.
  • Sugar
    No more sugar for you, if you are on an arthritis diet. Forget about this mean thing on your table, because it does not harm your joints, but also your nerve system, the muscles and the cholesterol level.
  • Red meat
    Red meat is pork and turkey, but chicken is yet allowed for those of you, who want to eliminate any sign of inflammation from the body.

 Now you know how to protect yourself and your organism from joint disorders, while you are on the table and in the kitchen! Good luck and stay healthy!

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