Joint stiffness

Joint stiffness is normal and most of the times is nothing to worry about, however it can be a side effect of chronic deseases and we are going to explain the most commong causes and treatment that might help you relief it.

Joint stiffness  Whether it is joint stiffness in hands, or a regular joint stiffness in the mornings, the whole bad sensation you get from this chronic side effect may refer to all types of arthritis we do know today. Joint stiffness causes both – pain and discomfort in performing regular movements during your whole day regardless the fact that is mainly felt in the early hours of the day or after waking up. It is a must to be familiar with all causes, treatment approaches and tips you need to acquire and try to eliminate at least part of this discomfort. Here is what you need to know about joint stiffness as a side of joint diseases.

What is joint stiffness?

 Joint stiffness usually appears in the mornings, so that is why many doctors and therapists call it simply joint stiffness in the morning. But joint stiffness in the morning is only one of the side effects of joint stiffness as a symptom of any form of arthritis – including psoriasis arthritis, RA and osteoporosis. As to joint stiffness in hands, yes, it is the most common side effect of arthritis chronic condition, but it does not mean that there are no such things as joint stiffness in limbs – for instance, the feet and even upper parts of the legs.
Joint stiffness can be understood as a complex of several discomfort types during the day: it is at first huge pain you feel in joints, but also incapability to perform some of the basic movements. Many patients with joint stiffness are even incapable to perform common motions like standing up from the bad and normal walking. In many ways, joint stiffness can also lead to swelling, which swelling becomes a side effect of lack of movements due to pain.

What does cause joint stiffness?

 There are many reasons that cause you joint stiffness, as well as its bot types: joint stiffness in the mornings and joint stiffness in hands. Though, as we have already told you, any form of arthritis is a certain factor for having any of them. The following list represents the influence of arthritis diagnose on your joints (the stiffness), as well as some additional reasons that can cause you this discomfort. Find out now why you are having that unpleasant stiffness in joints:
  • RA or rheumatoid arthritis is the main cause of joint stiffness in the mornings. Besides, it does cause that swelling in your limbs and the pain, while using your bones and muscles to perform a certain motion. Rheumatologists say morning stiffness that lasts more than half an hour per morning is a certain fact that you have RA as a chronic condition. Many patients underestimate this fact, because at some point of the disease (mainly in its remission phase), the stiffness goes away. However, if rheumatoid arthritis is not treated properly and regularly, joint stiffness in the mornings comes back again soon. The best alternatives to minimize stiffness in the mornings due to RA is to follow a strict diet regime, which includes less sugar and more seafood products, as well as suitable exercises for better joint flexibility and proper movements.
  • Osteoarthritis is another reason why you have joint stiffness. Even though this type of arthritis mainly occurs to knees and down limbs, it might be the cause of your stiffness in hands, too. The osteoarthritis side effects are swelling and tenderness. They make the body weaker and prevent joints to move properly and perform their main functions. Please, be aware that besides joints stiffness in hands osteoarthritis does cause some other typical side effects like small bony knobs that appear on the end or the middle joints of your hand fingers.
  • Uncomfortable shoes like flip-flops can be also for blaming, if you have joint stiffness in the mornings and in the toes. These shoes provide some very poor arch support, which might become a cause for some type of arthritis, where joint stiffness will remain the first sign of such a chronic condition.
  • Bad sleep habits are also very common reasons for having joint stiffness in the morning. But be aware that if pain and disability for motions remain for longer, your sleeping pose is the least thing to blame. Actually, if the stiffness lasts for an hour after waking up, it is more than certain that you have arthritis. On the other side, if the pain goes away and it is bearable, you might be just sleeping in a very bad posture and you do not have either RA, or osteoarthritis.

What should I do, if I have regular joint stiffness?

 If you have observed that during the last few weeks you have joint stiffness in the mornings every time you get up of bed (or cannot even stand up of it) or you have some sudden joint stiffness in hands, then you need urgently to visit a doctor. This is the rule number one to stop the pain, to prevent more swelling of your limbs and to reduce the next side effects that can occur to you due to any arthritis type. But is joint stiffness on mandatory a sign of RA, for instance? No! And that is why it is so important for you to visit a doctor. He is the only one, who can tell you for sure for your real diagnose. Many patients believe their joint stiffness in hands is due to osteoarthritis, but later, they found out that it is due to their regular computer-related job (because of the typing).
If you are thought, diagnosed, with any form of arthritis, you will find out that there is no certain medicine or treatment for your chronic condition. However, managing morning stiffness is not impossible. On the contrary – besides the drugs your doctor will prescribe to you, there are other alternatives for pain relief and stiffness deduction. Here are some of the best ones that are both – tested and proved to show some good results:
  • Exercises against joint stiffness in the morning will help you work out with the pain and slow motions. You can even try those amazing sets of exercises that are specially invented to be performed right in the bed. This is how you will return your flexibility few moments after getting the morning stiffness that ruins your life every day.
  • Mornings showers or baths in warm water are beneficial to release the normal blood flow. This is how you will feel again your joints, muscles and bones free of numbness and pain that occur to you every single morning.
  • Try to provide your body another form of warmth by putting the clothes you will dress today in the drier. During the drier performance, you can make yourself a cup of warm tea to eliminate the first stage of the joint stiffness in hands.
  • Never miss the breakfast, no matter how hard joint stiffness in the mornings is. Even though you get joint stiffness in hands you need to pull yourself together and to find some strength to prepare yourself a good vitamin bomb to start the day properly and with the necessary quantity of energy. Fruits are regular adds-on to the breakfast, so don`t miss the out.
  • Increase your motions during the whole day – starting from walking by fee to work (or at least half of the whole way, if your office is far away from home) and continue with dancing, fitness workouts and even ordinary walks alongside your city park alley. Do not leave the stiffness to steal your motions and flexibility.

 Joint stiffness is a normal side effect of arthritis diseases, but if you overcome it properly, you will be 100% ready to overcome the other symptoms of these joint inflammatory chronic conditions.

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