The ultimate guide to arthritis pain management

We are going to discuss the most common and working pain management methods for people suffering from arthritis.

People walking  According to the statistics, every 1 in 2 people of age between 50 and 80 years develops arthritis due to joint inflammation, sedentary life, bad and unhealthy habits, traumas and etc. If you are genetically predisposed to get arthritis and your lifestyle is mainly harmful, but not balanced or nature-oriented, the risk to get the disease before your 60s gets higher with up to 50%. All of these might provoke you to get really upset and worried, but there is no need of stress. Actually, arthritis pain relief can be handled with specific approaches and good management of the disease – even though it is a common chronic condition. Today, we are focusing your attention at arthritis pain management. We will show you several approaches into this task, alongside with few explanation about the disease and its typical symptoms and side effects. So let`s not lose more time, but to begin the ultimate guide to arthritis pain management.

What exactly arthritis is?

 The easiest way to understand the disease of arthritis is to firstly get aware what part of the body it affects. Mainly, this chronic condition affect your joints, which in most cases is due to joints inflammation. The inflammation might be caused, though, due to different things like a trauma, huge physical tiredness or on the contrary, the sedentary life. Some of the top arthritis symptoms are the following: swelling, pain, stiffness and disability to perform basic movements. Flexibility becomes decreased, too. It is also a must to know that some of the general arthritis-related symptoms at some point or eventually may come and go away. But later, if you do not do anything about the mission of working out with arthritis, these symptoms will come back to you again. Plus – with years and age, the symptoms increase, as well as the arthritis pain. The basic negative side effects of arthritis – besides the discomfort and the hurting – is the deformation of joints. It is mainly an effect of joints inflammation, when not handled with the right natural remedies, specially tailored physical therapy, as well as drugs, if necessary, required or prescribed by your doctor.

How does joint inflammation occur?

 Inflammation is a quite common process that takes place inside your organs or body parts. It appears, when the white blood cells and immune proteins stop protecting the joints (or some other body parts) from infections, toxins or bacteria. Viruses can also cause joints inflammation, but it is not a rare case, when unsuitable virus or infection treatment is provided. Autoimmune diseases might be also responsible for the inflammation process – especially when the disease gets chronic. Besides arthritis, joints inflammation is able to cause you additional side effects like muscle stiffness, loss of appetite, headache, as well as permanent tiredness.

Preventing arthritis as the best arthritis pain management

 When speaking of arthritis pain relief, there is no doubt that the best cure for you is the preliminary prevention. Like in all other disease types, the sooner your understand you`ve got a problem or a problem might occur due to some of your harmful lifestyle habits or traumas, arthritis might be prevented. Here are some of the best ways to do so, if you are not diagnosed with joints inflammation in advanced stage yet, but only have either weak joints, or suffer from a trauma that concerns the joints, as well:
  • Increase the amount of omega-3 fatty acids consumption. You can choose food supplements (like fax linen oil or capsules) or rely on real seafood products.
  • Have a stable and healthy weight. Diets are ok, but you need to consider some permanent sports activity, too, if you want the healthy regime to work properly.
  • Avoid injuries, but those that happen by accidents should be immediately treated – on mandatory visit a doctor, if after such a trauma your joints hurt for more than 3-4 days.
  • Provide a proper joint protection with magnesium.

How to approach arthritis pain management?

 As we have already pointed it out, arthritis pain management can be handled, so you can have a normal life regardless the disease. We would try to list you now the most common and most efficient alternatives for joints pain relief. Check them out, but do not accept any of them before seeing a doctor and discussing them with him depending on your individual medical condition.
  • Arthritis pain relief exercises.
    In short, they include regular movements – running and walking are usually totally ok, because they will make the joints more flexible and stronger. However, if you want some specially tailored arthritis pain relief exercises, focus on weight-bearing and low-impact exercises. A good idea is swimming and aerobics, because they eliminate the stress of the body, which also has a bad effect on your general arthritis pain management program.
  • Hot + Cold therapy
    There`s nothing difficult or weird at all. The therapy includes daily showers that require both – cold and hot water. Switch the tabs and let each temperature to act for at least 2-3 minutes before each switching. The idea of this therapy is to stimulate the blood flow, which eventually will harden the joints and make them more flexible and stronger.
  • Acupuncture
    This is a typical Asian ancient medical treatment that was established. What is done during this procedure is needle inserting into the affected area zone. The main idea of the procedure is the re-routing the whole energy body balance restoration.
  • Proper diet regimeM
    No one says you need to lose weight, but if you suffer from overweight, joints pain management will not be possible. However, if your weight is normal, you need to focus on some special vitamins and minerals. Increase the consumption of magnesium, omega-3 and omega-6 fat acids, calcium, Vitamin C and the whole vitamin B complex, turmeric, GLA or the so-called gamma-linolenic acids and some of the following superb and effective herbs: ginkgo, devil`s claw, boswellia, god vine, bromelainm stinging nettle and etc.
  • Massage rehabilitation
    Physiotherapy is an amazing way to achieve fast joints pain relief results. Though, they are mainly performed in specialized clinics and by pros. Note that videos from YouTube cannot teach you how to provide your joints the right massages. You might worsen your condition even more, so better turn to a real massage specialist.
  • Drugs
    Any drug store has plenty of medical products for joints pain management. You are free to choose the one that will suits your needs and financial status, but note that prescription is usually needed and going too far with the drugs and then letting them go with no additional rehabilitation will not end up with good results. Zantax and Percid are the most popular drug products for joints inflammation. You can finely combine them with herbs or food supplements like fish oil and magnesium plus calcium complex.

 Ideal arthritis pain management should be a complex program that includes all those little steps we have explained and mentioned above. Sometimes, drugs seem to be the easiest methods and alternative for fast joints pain relief, but chronic disease like this requires permanent cares. If you rely on physical pain relief exercises with the right healthy regime and the best herb therapy, you will eventually get rid of the unpleasant and unbearable discomfort quite soon. However, never forget that when it comes to efficient medical treatment and chronic disease support, professional cares and pieces of advice are must. You always need to consider what your doctor says and if you prefer the natural way of medicine, you need to discuss it with him.

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