Tendonitis in the shoulder
Tendonitis in the shoulder

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Arthritis in the big toe
Arthritis in the big toe

Find out what causes arthritis in the big toe and how to treat it.

Knee tenodonitis
Knee tendonitis

Find out what is knee tenodnitis and what causes it.

What causes tendonitis?

We are going to discuss what is tendonitis, what causes it and how you can prevent it.

Arthritis in the back
Arthritis in the back

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Foot tendonitis
Foot tendonitis

Tendonitis is an inflammatory condition which affects the tendons, find out what causes it and how to treat tendonitis in the foot.

Old person
Understanding osteoarthritis in details

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People walking
The ultimate guide to arthritis pain management

We are going to discuss the most common and working pain management methods for people suffering from arthritis.

Knee pain
Psoriatic arthritis

What is psoriatic arthritis, what are its symptoms and what you can do to relief its symptoms.

Sitting at work
Effects of too much sitting on joints

Sitting is part of our everyday life, we all sit at certain point, some of us sit for prolonged period of time while others are working moving all day. Of course there are some positive and some negative effects from sitting to our bodies, but we are going to discuss too much sitting and its effects on our joint health.