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Posterior ankle
Posterior ankle pain

What are the most common causes of posterior ankle pain, what are their symptoms and how to treat them, find out in this article.

Healthy ankle
Best ankle support for running

Ankle support is important for active people, especially for people that run regularyl. If you have sufferent an ankle injury, ankle support might help you run without risking to injure your ankle again, and reduce the chance of injuring your ankles.

How to run
How to run to avoid knee injuries

Learn the basic rules of running and how to protect your knees in this article.

Big toe joint pain

What causes big toe joint pain, what are its symptoms and how you can treat it, find out in this article.

Back of the knee pain
Back of the knee pain

Find what are the common causes of pain in the back of the knee, what are their symptoms and how to treat them.

Wrist tendon pain
Wrist tendon pain

Wrist pain might be due to many reasons, we are going to discuss two of the most common ones, how to notice them and how to treat them.

What causes tendonitis?

We are going to discuss what is tendonitis, what causes it and how you can prevent it.

Achilles heel
Achilles heel pain

Find out symptoms, causes and how to treat pain in the achilles heel.

Pain in the thumb joint

We are going to disuss why might cause your thumb joint to hurt and what you can do to relieve the pain.

Is running bad for your back
Is running bad for your back?

Running is one of the most common activities, it helps athletes increase their progress by improving the strength and endurance, however if you do it regularly you have to make sure you are getting enough rest and follow few basic rules, find out if running is bad for your back in this article.